Precision Mechanical Seed Drills

Undoubtedly, the low maintenance cost and high penetration power are common features of the entire line of KUHN precision mechanical seed drills. In fact, the line of mechanical planters is wide and versatile with models that meet from small to large producers, able to perform an efficient planting and high quality.
Some models are not available in all countries. Please always check with your local dealer.


Developed for family farming, the PLM mechanical precision seed drill features 2- to 4-row models, adapting to low power tractors and delivering the efficiency and simplicity needed for the farmer’s daily routine.


Catering to the needs of small properties, KUHN offers the PPK mechanical precision seed drill. With 3- to 6-row models, a compact frame and external wheelsets that ensure stability on hills, the PPK presents the excellent cutting power characteristic of KUHN precision seed drills.


Versatile, with low maintenance and models with 5 and 7 rows, the SELECT GG mechanical precision seed drill gives small farmers all the robustness and quality of the KUHN precision seed drill line.


The PLUS mechanical precision seed drill, with 7- and 9-row models, gives small and medium farmers the main features of the KUHN precision seed drill line: cutting power, robustness and simplicity, with the distinction of being a light and compact machine.


Versatile and precise, with 7- to 17- row models, PG mechanical precision seed drills give farmers high yield with simplicity and safety. Moreover, its range of optional items enables uniform planting in any terrain.


The FLEX mechanical precision seed drill has an articulated frame with 11 to 17 rows, which, combined with the row float system, makes this machine ideal for planting in sloped or contoured fields.


Designed to serve large areas, the GRAN PG mechanical precision seed drill is available in 27- to 35-row options, offering high performance, precision and ergonomics. Moreover, its auto-transport system ensures safety and agility in moving between plots.


The models of 13 to 19 lines of the mechanical PRIME AT planter stand out for presenting an efficient solution in self-transport. Its robust chassis, with central articulation, provides greater robustness and a high quality planting in the most challenging soil conditions.

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