KUHN Group

We are passionate people engineering trusted machinery solutions to feed a growing world population, while preserving nature.

Mission and vision KUHN

Our mission

We provide our customers with top-quality,
innovative equipment solutions,
delivering the best ownership experience and
quality of life for all.

Our vision

We strive to affirm KUHN as the leading manufacturer in its field
by being the producers’ first choice for equipment solutions
enabling the sustainable supply of food,
energy and other products essential to life. 

Our values

We are customer driven, we are KUHN

We are customer driven

All over the world, we focus our attention to the needs and means of our customers.

We are continually adapting to meet their expectations and provide them with the promise of the KUHN brand: ONE Group, ONE Brand, ONE united Team and ONE shared Objective, the highest level of customer satisfaction. 

We are hands-on innovators, we are KUHN

We are hands-on innovators

Designing innovative, sustainable solutions for current and future agriculture is done in field in close collaboration with our customers.  

We are inquisitive, pragmatic and bold. The machines and digital services we develop meet the needs of farmers around the world.

We are quality focused, we are KUHN

We are quality focused

Throughout its 200-year history, the KUHN brand has always been identified first and foremost with Quality.

Quality and reliability guide all stages of the solutions we develop (machines, parts and services), from design to production, marketing and after-sales support. Quality is the very foundation of our operational excellence. It allows our customers to be confident in the high resale value of their machines.

We are one strong team, we are KUHN

We are one strong team

We are a passionate, close-knit team, ready to take on the challenges of a constantly evolving agriculture.

Drawing on our long experience, we have the ambition to continue the success and growth of the KUHN brand by positioning KUHN as a market leader in each of its areas of expertise!

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KUHN Team history

Uncover our history

With over 195 years of rich history, KUHN is a global pioneer in innovation. From humble beginnings, we've grown into a worldwide presence, shaping the future of agriculture and machinery. Explore our legacy of excellence and discover how we continue to lead the industry with cutting-edge solutions across the globe.

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KUHN Crop Days, Hungary, 2023

Discover our innovation

Enter the KUHN world where we are driven to innovate. Dive into our illustrious past of pioneering agricultural machinery, where we have been recognized with numerous prestigious awards. Witness KUHN's ongoing leadership in agricultural innovation, transforming farming through cutting-edge solutions.

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Discover KUHN's local presence: our manufactories and distributions centers

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