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Meet Torben,

a passionate Danish farmer and contractor of Skamstrup​. He has found in KUHN the ideal partner to make his vision of a job well done a reality.

 ARTEC F40 EVO in the field

Working output and precision

A machine designed to perfectly meet your expectations in terms of working output, reliability and precision, even during intensive use!

The OPTIMER range provides optimum penetration capacity for work from 5 to 15 cm deep, depending on the diameter of the discs chosen.

For contractors and large farms

In today's world of farming, where fields are getting larger and time is of the essence, having reliable and efficient machinery is crucial.

a farmer carryngt out maintenance on a Kuhn machine

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Get prepared for the pre-season with genuine KUHN parts

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KUHN PARTS Unmatched Service from KUHN to you. With Genuine KUHN Parts, you can be sure that you’re investing in quality...

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A wide choice of agricultural machinery

Agricultural requirements are constantly changing and the demand for quality products and services continues to increase.
KUHN strives to ensure the availability of the best machines to meet the changing agricultural demands. KUHN is dedicated to serving agriculture with quality products, parts and service.

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