Genuine parts

With genuine KUHN spare parts you can work with confidence. Our foundries, our forge and our ultra-modern production facilities allow us to produce spare parts that rival time. Limit your downtime with the stock of our approved KUHN partners! They guarantee availability and short lead times.

Genuine parts for ploughs

To plough effectively, it is important to choose the right parts for your machine. KUHN’s plough parts are designed to fit your KUHN plough perfectly. Given that these genuine spare parts were created...

Genuine parts for KUHN balers and wrappers

When it comes to maintaining optimum performance and extending the life of your baling and wrapping machines, nothing beats the use of genuine parts. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and re...

Genuine parts for your KUHN hedge and grass cutter

When you own a KUHN spreader, it is crucial to consider the importance of wearing parts such as flails and hammers. These parts play an essential role in the smooth running of your machine and the qua...

Genuine parts for bedding and feeding equipment

Discover our complete range of agricultural spare parts specially designed for KUHN livestock farming equipment. As specialists, we can provide you with all the products you need to keep your machiner...

Genuine parts for sprayers

For healthy crop growth, product application must be precise, so it is essential that the different sprayer parts are in good condition. You can’t afford to stop your spraying job in the middle of the...

Genuine parts for tillage

We are proud to offer you a complete selection of tillage wear parts specially designed for your KUHN agricultural equipment. Many wear parts are available for your powered or non-powered tillage equi...

Genuine parts for seed drills

Welcome to our page dedicated to all original KUHN seed drill parts. The range of seed drill parts includes everything you need to ensure accurate fertilisation and even seed distribution. Whether you...

Genuine parts for shredders

As a farmer, you know how essential regular maintenance of your agricultural equipment is to ensure optimum performance and prolong its life. When it comes to your KUHN shredder, choosing genuine KUHN...

How to minimise wear on your agricultural wearing parts?

Your levers of action

Vitesse d'avancement


Ground speed is an important parameter which strongly affects the service life of wearing parts. Double the speed and you multiply wear by four.



Speed and the tillage method affect the service life of your wearing parts. Correct machine setting also optimises working depth, limits consumption and reduces traction-power requirements

Your constraints

Les conditions sèches impact l'usure de vos pièces détachées agricole.

Dry land 

Working in dry conditions increases wear considerably. In addition, working in frozen ground has an impact on wear, whereas working on a wet plot can reduce the issue.

type de sol pour vos pièces détachés agricole

Soil type

From one plot to the next, the texture of the soil varies significantly. Wear depends greatly on the type of soil. In flinty and sandy soil, for example, parts will wear out faster.

How can KUHN agricultural parts help you?

KUHN agricultural parts are designed to fit the machines that they were made for, perfectly. They are produced specifically for the machine, to provide optimal output quality, keep power requirements down, and ensure that the machine, as a whole, works smoothly.

Les pointes socs pour charrue vari master KUHN

When you hitch a KUHN agricultural machine to a tractor, you benefit from a wide range of KUHN parts adapted to your needs:

  • standard wearing parts for low-wear jobs.
  • wearing parts with DURAKUHN technology to give you peace of mind in high-wear conditions thanks to the tungsten carbide coating.
  • wearing parts with DURAKARB technology allowing you to work efficiently in extreme and intensive conditions. DURAKARB tungsten carbide plates are brazed onto the high-wear area, providing you with protection and longevity.
Pièces de travail du sol animé au carbure KUHN Parts

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With a full range at your disposal, you are sure to make the right choice and maximise your performance. KUHN machines and parts are the winning combination in every field!

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« Practice makes perfect! »: unique know-how with decades of mastery.

In keeping with this old saying, forging and heat treatment have been the core activity of our French factory in Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique) since the beginning of the 20th century. With this world-renowned know-how we can offer cutting-edge machines and parts that rival time. 

KUHN has the capacity to produce its own parts, such as wearing parts for the plough (link to new plough page) and, therefore, master the entire production chain. These are firm commitments that ensure you get the productivity and quality that you expect from our parts every day of the year.

Forge KUHN

Our foundry: more than 140 years of expertise based on rigour, high-performance, and quality.

Cast iron parts, such as our rake housings, are designed, developed, and produced in our historical French factory in the heart of Alsace. Our unique know-how gives us mastery over our production processes as well as the certainty that the parts on your machines are top quality. 

Fonderie KUHN

From moulding to quality control, all steps are carried out with precision, to provide you with the highest level of reliability and guarantee that has given our machines the good name they have today.

Fabrication KUHN

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