Configuration assistance apps

Looking for THE way to get the most out of your KUHN machines?

Discover the mobile and web applications that allow you to optimise settings and configurations on your KUHN machines. This ensures maximum optimisation of the performance and costs of your operation.

Calibration assistant
for seed drills

Adjust your seed drill 
with the KUHN SeedSet app

A calibration assistant that will help you determine the right settings for your seed drill and seeding conditions.

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Calibration assistant
for precision seed drills

Adjust your precision seed drill
with the KUHN PreciSeed app

For precision seeding, discover this setting application for its PLANTER and MAXIMA precision seed drills.

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KUHN SeedSet

Optimise the settings of your seed drill. Determine the appropriate settings for the drill and the seeding conditions (seed type, seed rate, etc.).

Calibration assistant for
fertiliser spreaders

Adjust your spreader for each type of fertiliser with the KUHN SpreadSet app

This application will guide you through the settings to use the correct fertiliser rate and to obtain a good lateral spread according to fertiliser type, working width and speed.

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Your nozzle configuration

Select the correct spray nozzle with the KUHN Nozzle Configurator app

Select the right nozzle easily! KUHN has developed a nozzle configuration tool to help you select the correct spray nozzle depending on your application.

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Explore the intelligence of the VISTAFLOW valve!

Discover the number of valves you need to achieve your tramlining rhythms thanks to KUHN VISTAFLOW Configurator

VISTAFLOW is an intelligent tramlining valve that monitors seed passage inside seeding tubes. Fitted to the distribution head of each seeding row, the VISTAFLOW tramlining valve enables any tramlining rhythm and controls seed flow in each row. Thanks to the KUHN VISTAFLOW application, you no longer need to move valves or tubes on the seeding units!

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Your modulation map with you, everywhere.

View your application rate modulation map directly on your smartphone thanks to KUHN EasyMaps

KUHN EasyMaps visually shows you the application rate needed depending on your position on the plot, allowing you to manually adjust the settings on your machine. The app is available on smartphone or tablet.

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Up to 50% in wrapping time
as well as film costs

Save time and money with the
KUHN e-TWIN calculator.

KUHN introduces the e-TWIN technology. Discover the unique advantages of the RW 10 series with e-TWIN and how it can bring cost and time savings to your business!

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Calculate harvest

Planning and calculating total costs with KUHN consumables calculators.

This application provides you with the film/net/twine calculators to help you schedule the volume needed for your baling and wrapping season.

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KUHN e-TWIN Calculator

Save 50% on wrapping time and also on film costs. Check out how e-TWIN technology can bring cost efficiency for your wrapping business.