About KUHN

Our World needs Agriculture.

We must always produce more to feed a constantly growing population.

Agriculture will have to produce more in the 50 years to come than in the past 10000 years. With less arable land, with less energy and with less water. While preserving the environment.

Agriculture has already succeeded in feeding a population that has been multiplied by 6 in 200 years.

With you, we are ready to face this new challenge.

Our main challenges

We actively participate to the Noble Mission of Feeding the World.

  • By designing, manufacturing and marketing a full range of innovative, high quality agricultural equipment and services meeting the diverse needs of agriculture worldwide.
  • By providing our customers with the best ownership experience and the maximum return on their investment.
  • By committing ethically, through respectful behaviour towards customers, co-workers, business partners, competitors and authorities.

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Why choose KUHN?

190 Years of Excellence

Over 190 years of excellence

With 190 years of experience in manufacturing agricultural machinery, we offer a range of products and services that ensure performance. As a leader in agricultural machinery, we offer the best products to farmers every day and all over the world.

Our daily strengths and commitments: striving to deliver the best service for our customers.

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KUHN engineers working on a digital machine layout

Numerous skills and an unique experience

  • Committed, faithful employees, often close to the agricultural sector
  • Specialized companies and specialists for each of our product lines
  • Expertise in many key areas (foundry, forge, cutting/machining, assembly…)
  • State-of-the-art production facilities (investments)
KUHN AURA receiving the gold medal at the SIMA AWARDS 2021

Recognised products and services

  • A strong brand standing for quality
  • Solutions to optimize the return on investment of our customers
  • Innovations which have strongly impacted agricultural machinery
  • Support during the life cycle of our products
Photo showing a KUHN training session with happy dealers

A commitment favoring the long-term

  • Respect of our commitments
  • True partnerships with our dealers and suppliers
  • Machines reliable throughout their service life
  • A solid financial position and stable shareholders since 1946
Preview of the KUHN Group network on the earth planet

Worldwide presence, close to you

We combine all our experience in the agricultural industry in order to offer you the best range of products and services. Our solution is to be a local company with a local presence.

  • Factories on 3 continents, distribution subsidiaries and importers covering over 100 countries.
  • A structured distribution network ensuring proximity.
  • Spare parts available and quickly delivered.
  • The diversity of our experiences supporting all our customers.

KUHN Group factories and subsidiaries around the world

Be strong be KUHN official signature

More than a provider of agricultural machinery, a true partner.

Through a global approach, advices and specific services meeting your expectations and concerns.

Be “Stronger with KUHN” thanks to the solutions we propose to obtain the best agronomical result in your work as well as the best economical result.


KUHN Group's 2022 key figures

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Turnover million euros
Investment million euros
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More than patents held


KUHN History

The story begins in 1828 when Joseph KUHN, a blacksmith, began manufacturing weighing equipment. The first agricultural machinery was produced in 1864 The first sales outside France began in the late 1940s. The first acquisitions were made in the late 1980s.

Since then, the KUHN Group has continued to grow on different continents. Building on strong roots and retaining the assets that have made it strong throughout its development: a broad range of expertise that makes the brand unique, innovative and recognized products and services, a global presence but a great proximity to its customers, actions that focus on the long term...

Unique experience that strengthens the KUHN brand and prepares the way to meet the farming challenges of tomorrow.

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