KUHN Film, Net and Twine Calculators

Are you looking to estimate the volume of crop packaging products to buy per year?

Save on consumables in just a few clicks with KUHN calculators for film, net and twine.

Planning and global cost calculation is essential for your baling and wrapping business. KUHN understands this and therefore provides you with the KUHN Film/Net/Twine Calculators which helps you to plan your twine volume needed for your baling season. Further it provides you with a film, net and twine cost indication. Check out these calculators and be prepared for your baling and wrapping season!

How does it work?

  1. Select the calculator you need: film, net or twine calculator.
  2. Indicate the bales dimensions (round or square), the type of consumables you use and their prices.
  3. Click on "Calculate result" to see the estimated savings.
KUHN Calculators for film, net and twine preview


Plan your annual consumables spending

KUHN's film, net and twine calculators allow you to better anticipate your costs and optimise your time.

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