PLUS precision seed drill

Detail of the PLUS machine

Performance and yield for small properties

The PLUS mechanical precision seed drill, with 7- and 9-row models, gives small and medium farmers the main features of the KUHN precision seed drill line: cutting power, robustness and simplicity, with the distinction of being a light and compact machine.

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Simple, versatile and robust, the PLUS mechanical precision seed drill includes the characteristic benefits of the full line of KUHN precision seed drills. Developed for small and medium operations, it meets the needs of farmers seeking operational efficiency in the tractor/seed drill assembly, regardless of soil and relief conditions. Moreover, the PLUS mechanical precision seed drill has structural components that are light and at the same time robust, as well as planting units that allow for configuration with pantographic or pivot articulation system. Added to this is the fact that the PLUS mechanical precision seed drill has a wide range of optional items for the fertilizer furrow opener and for the depth gauge wheel and press wheel set, all aiming to enable high-quality performance and planting, increasing the farmer’s yield through low maintenance cost.
PLUS at work

Your benefits

Operational efficiency combined with performance

Side photo with details of the planting units in planting position.

Light machine with high cutting power

The PLUS mechanical precision seed drill was designed to offer the planting units and optional items of the PG line (such as the cutting disc, fertilizer and seed delivering units) on a lighter and more versatile frame, ensuring all the quality of KUHN precision seed drills. The structural elements, frame, head unit and alternator tube were designed with the perfect balance between robustness and lightness. The result is a light and simple precision seed drill that is able to deliver quality and efficient planting, retaining one of the key elements of the KUHN precision seed drill line: high cutting power, regardless of the amount of straw present in the field.

Customized according to your need

Assembly with the optional items offered for the PLUS.

A wide range of optional items for your PLUS

With a set of optional items that allows for over a hundred different combinations, ranging from the cutting disc, through the furrow opener options in the fertilizer row, to the wide offering of depth gauge wheels and press wheels, the PLUS mechanical precision seed drill is versatile and adapts to any need. The offering is completed by seed metering unit and row articulation options, which can be pantographic (with the exclusive system of sealed bushings, without the need for constant grease application) or pivoted (a simple and functional system). This package of options enables the precision seed drill PLUS to perform uniform planting in any soil, relief or straw condition.

Fast and ergonomic adjustments and calibrations

Assembly with image of the limiter strip and gearbox tensioner adjustment.

Easily adjusted drive and planting units

All calibrations and adjustments on the PLUS mechanical precision seed drill are performed simply and easily. The gearboxes are large and easily accessible; adjusting the chain tensioner requires no tools and is ergonomic and safe; gears are positioned by means of stops made of engineering polymer (a material of high durability and resistance) and attached to the shaft by hand, quickly and efficiently. Additionally, all adjustments to planting units (such as seed placement depth), the angle of depth gauge wheels, the ground pressure and angle of press wheels, are also set without the need for tools, allowing for easy and safe calibrations.


PLUS with front side view