GRAN PG mechanical precision seed drill

Detail of the GRAN PG machine

Operational performance that maximizes your yield

Designed to serve large areas, the GRAN PG mechanical precision seed drill is available in 27- to 35-row options, offering high performance, precision and ergonomics. Moreover, its auto-transport system ensures safety and agility in moving between plots.

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The planting window decreases and areas increase every season, forcing farmers to plant more hectares in less time. To meet the needs of large operations, KUHN offers the GRAN PG mechanical precision seed drill: with a working width of up to 15 meters and daily performance of up to 80 hectares, this machine allows large-scale farmers to beat the short planting window with operational efficiency, quality and safety. In addition, the GRAN PG precision seed drill has a fully automatic transport system, which eliminates the need for the tractor operator to leave the cab in order to perform the operation; thus, in just a few minutes, the machine switches from working position to transport position, moving from one plot to the other ergonomically and with agility.
GRAN PG at work

Your benefits

High performance with compact transport

Isometric view of the Gran PG in transport position.

Flexible frame

GRAN PG enables high operational efficiency planting, ensuring a uniform plant stand and increased yield. Regardless of ground unevenness, the GRAN PG mechanical precision seed drill is able to perfectly follow any drops or contours; this important feature ensures that the seeding units are always in contact with the soil, providing even seeding depth. In addition, the machine is divided into three modules, one central and two lateral ones; its frame is articulated at two points; and the maximum 15º flexibility, with the fully articulated precision seed drill, makes the difference in height between one side and the other come close to 1 meter.

Safe and agile transport system

Transport from the farm to the fields, as well as travel between planting sections, are constant needs on large operations. With ease, safety and directly from the tractor cab, the operator controls the extension and retraction system of the GRAN PG mechanical precision seed drill, which, in less than two minutes, switches between working and transport positions. Furthermore, the control box controls are sequential and intuitive, for ease of understanding and operation, ensuring movement agility and efficiency, increasing operational and planting performance of the GRAN PG, which features up to 60% reduction in width (total transport width is 6.10 meters).
Isometric view of the Gran PG in transport position.

Cutting power in any condition

Photo of the drawbar cylinder.

Weight distribution on the frame with adjustable head unit

The weight distribution along the frame of the GRAN PG mechanical precision seed drill results in a stable machine and allows all rows to receive the same load, aiding cutting and penetration into harder soils. This is possible because the GRAN PG seed hoppers are distributed along the entire length of the frame. In addition, the precision seed drill has a hydraulic cylinder in the head unit which is adjusted directly from the tractor cab, allowing the operator to regulate the angle of attack of cutting discs in order to enable planting in high straw volume and superior performance. This whole assembly ensures efficient, speedy planting with seeds delivered precisely in the planting furrow.

GRAN PG: Emergence that produces results

Side view of the GRAN PG planting unit with the cutting disc

Planting units with high flotation

Unlike its main competitors, the GRAN PG mechanical precision seed drill features high flotation planting units: they have a 45cm travel range, with enough variation to provide efficient planting in any relief condition. Most large precision seed drills are limited in terms of unit and frame flotation, unlike the GRAN PG, which stands out for its flexible frame and great planting unit articulation, features that ensure precise and uniform planting. In addition, the GRAN PG planting unit is a proven design that is able to work in the most varied soil and straw conditions, offering a wide range of optional items to meet the most varied needs.


Side view of the GRAN PG in working position.