FLEX M mechanical precision seed drill

Detail of the MECHANICAL FLEX machine

Perfect planting on contours

The FLEX mechanical precision seed drill has an articulated frame with 11 to 17 rows, which, combined with the row float system, makes this machine ideal for planting in sloped or contoured fields.

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Planting in hilly or uneven fields requires a machine capable of adapting to the ground contours. With this in mind, the FLEX mechanical precision seed drill was designed with two articulation points, which makes it a pioneer in the market with the three-module articulated frame, even in the 11-row model. In addition, the articulation points of the MECHANICAL FLEX precision seed drill frame are located at the bottom, closer to the ground, reducing variation in spacing between rows when the modules articulate, resulting in improved crop stand and increased yield. Moreover, the FLEX has an 18° articulation range, a feature that allows placing seeds at the right depth at the bottom of the furrow, a region that usually presents planting faults with ordinary articulated machines.

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Perfect planting on contours

Photo of FLEX articulations with zoom on the systems

Articulated frame

The FLEX mechanical precision seed drill has an exclusive articulation system: its mechanisms are compact, light and feature great robustness and durability; unlike other competitors which have an axle extending from the front to the back of the frame. Another distinction of the MECHANICAL FLEX is the position of the articulation system, which is located at the bottom of the frame, as close as possible to the ground. This concept ensures that, when planting, the variation in row spacing near the articulation is minimal - this characteristic is very important for an optimal plant stand in the field, especially in corn.

Robustness and durability with long service life

Photo of the articulation limiting system

Innovative articulation limiter

The FLEX articulated precision seed drill was the first machine on the market with the innovative articulation limiting stop system, developed by KUHN and later adapted by competitors on their machines; the system prevents articulation impacts from being transferred to the precision seed drill’s frame. It is a simple and robust system that extends the equipment’s service life, reducing the effort and impact on the frame when it crosses contours or rugged terrain. Additionally, the mechanical precision seed drill has a positioning hole for locking the articulation, helping to transport the FLEX on trucks or platforms, while at the same time letting the farmer choose to work with the fixed or articulated units.


Rear isometric view of the FLEX planting unit in extreme straw conditions.

Optional items for any working condition

The FLEX articulated precision seed drill has a wide range of options that meet all farmer needs. In the FLEX line, KUHN offers all of the main features and options that distinguish its line of mechanical precision seed drills. Sealed bushings in the pantographs, without grease maintenance points; adjustment and calibration systems in the transmission and in the safe and ergonomic planting units (which don’t require tools) are some examples of options for the FLEX mechanical precision seed drill. This set of items makes the FLEX a versatile machine that can adapt to any relief and soil conditions, favoring efficient, precise and quality planting for the farmer.


FLEX with articulation engaged over a plank.