PLM mechanical precision seed drill

PLM Seed Drill

The smart solution for family farming

Developed for family farming, the PLM mechanical precision seed drill features 2- to 4-row models, adapting to low power tractors and delivering the efficiency and simplicity needed for the farmer’s daily routine.

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Developed for large grain crops, the PLM mounted mechanical precision seed drill is characterized by its simplicity and low maintenance rate, apart from offering speed and total safety in adjustments, combining ergonomics and versatility. Flexible in planting, the PLM relies on the precision of seed metering units with honeycombed discs present in the renowned KUHN precision seed drill line. In addition, the mounted mechanical precision seed drill features options that adapt to the reality of small operations for planting summer crops, because it is compatible with all types of low power tractors, delivering an excellent result for farmers.

Your benefits

Simplicity with maximum ergonomics

Side drawing of the PLM with the drive system highlighted

Drive with quick gear shifting

With a robust drive system driven by the press wheel, the PLM mechanical precision seed drill offers the farmer speed, safety and ergonomics in gear shifting and drive adjustments, in addition to eliminating the use of tools for gear shifting, because it is designed with locking pins that facilitate pre-planting settings on a daily basis. Add to this the fact that fertilizer and seed drives are integrated, favoring adjustments and reducing the maintenance rate. This facility is accompanied by the robustness of the drive components, delivering reliability in a crucial system for high-quality planting.

Options for all needs

Drawing with isometric view of the fertilizer furrow opener options

Versatile configurations

The PLM mechanical mounted precision seed drill has a versatile range of optional items that allow the machine to be adapted to all soil types, relief and summer crops. The fertilizer furrow opener, for example, can be configured with double discs or blade, ensuring excellent performance and planting in soft or compact soils. The PLM furrow opener discs have a hub protector cap and an internal scraper that helps clean the unit; the blade type, made of cast iron, is resistant and durable, in addition to having a tip to increase the equipment’s durability. Moreover, the PLM mechanical precision seed drill has a height adjustment and reset system, preventing damage when in contact with rocky terrain or excessive roots.

Robust and durable components

Photo of the frame featuring the tubular beam and part of the wheelset.

Tubular frame

The PLM mechanical mounted precision seed drill line features a design tested in the worst conditions and proven to deliver a quality product and ensure farmer satisfaction. The whole structure of the precision seed drill was thus designed to increase its rigidity and extend its service life. An example of this is the simple and functional design of its frame, which was developed with a tubular beam positioned at 45º. The result is a mechanical precision seed drill consisting of a robust, simple assembly with high structural strength, which prevents accumulation of inputs under the tube and minimizes signs of corrosion due to contact with fertilizer. Another highlight of the PLM is the wheelset, which has an articulated arm made of a single stamped piece, which gives the assembly greater strength.