PG no-till precision seed drill

Detail of the PG machine

The no-till precision seed drill

Versatile and precise, with 7- to 17- row models, PG mechanical precision seed drills give farmers high yield with simplicity and safety. Moreover, its range of optional items enables uniform planting in any terrain.

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Uniform plant emergence is crucial to ensure crop yield. With this in mind, the mechanical precision seed drill PG is equipped with the renowned Planter Depth Gauge Wheel/Press Wheel, responsible for keeping seed depth homogeneous and at the same time closing the furrow, consolidating it and eliminating air pockets. Furthermore, no-till planting requires specific precision seed drill features to achieve high yield, so the PG mechanical precision seed drill was designed to have the ideal frame weight, perfect alignment of the tubes supporting the planting units, and the right distance between fertilizer and seed rows - a combination of characteristics that results in an efficient seed drill for opening furrows and precise distribution of fertilizer and seed. In addition, the line of PG precision seed drills features options that make it more versatile and adaptable to the most diverse conditions.
Rear view of the PG with the row marks in the field

Your benefits

High performance even with excessive straw

Photo of the flat cutting disc when opening the furrow and cutting the straw.

High cutting power

The PG precision seed drill has a combination of elements that deliver excellent cutting power, even in conditions where straw volume reaches high levels. Its cutting disc has enough vertical travel range and turning radius to perform efficient and quality cutting work. The efficient straw cutting is very important so that the seeds don’t get enveloped in it, in which case contact with the soil would be impeded, consequently hindering germination and access to nutrients. In addition, the PG mechanical precision seed drill offers options for different soil conditions, with flat or turbo cutting discs. The latter, in addition to cutting through residue, provides soil movement and prevents furrow mirroring and soil decompaction for easier penetration of fertilizer and seed furrow openers.

Less soil disturbance

The PG precision seed drill has a furrow opener with staggered double discs (with different sizes and concentric axes), optionally for the fertilizer row and standard for the seed row. The benefits of this concept, in relation to systems with offset discs (with the same size and misaligned axes), include greater soil penetration capacity and, at the same time, less furrow disturbance, because they have a smaller angle between the discs. This feature is very important because, by performing an operation with less soil movement, the PG mechanical precision seed drill ensures all the benefits of no-till planting, resulting in increased productivity for the farmer.
Photo of the fertilizer unit mounted with the double disc furrow opener

Quality planting in any conditions

Side view of two PG precision seed drill versions

Adaptable to any need

The PG precision seed drill is the most versatile model in KUHN’s mechanical precision seed drill line, providing small farmers with the 7-row model or large farmers, with the 17-row model. In addition, PG precision seed drills can be coupled (increasing operational efficiency) and all models can be configured with the extra hopper, which increases seed capacity by 60%. All of this versatility is also found in the options for cutting disc, fertilizer furrow openers and depth gauge wheels: there are more than 10 options that perform quality, precision planting in the most varied soil conditions.

Precision and efficiency with simplicity

Detail of press wheel angle adjustment

Simple and ergonomic adjustments

The PG mechanical precision seed drill has the same concept as the KUHN line of seed drills when it comes to adjustment and calibration. Like other seed drills and precision seed drills, the main adjustments on the PG do not require the use of tools, because they are equipped with mechanisms that facilitate use and operator safety. Adjustments in fertilizer and seed transfer, seed placement depth and press wheel pressure are the main examples of necessary and crucial calibrations for planting; with this in mind, the PG precision seed drill has systems that streamline machine adjustments and improve the farmer’s daily routine.


Rear view of the PG with the row marks in the field.