PPK mechanical precision seed drill

Detail of the PPK machine

Durability and versatility in a single concept

Catering to the needs of small properties, KUHN offers the PPK mechanical precision seed drill. With 3- to 6-row models, a compact frame and external wheelsets that ensure stability on hills, the PPK presents the excellent cutting power characteristic of KUHN precision seed drills.

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With a robust and compact structure, subsystems easy-to-access and operate, the PPK mechanical precision seed drills are machines designed especially for precision seeding and fertilizer distribution. Their build concept, their row configuration options and their variety of row spacing make the PPK large grain precision seed drills distinctive machines, which provide the ideal yield for farmers looking to increase yield. Moreover, PPK offers operational advantages that facilitate the planting process in small areas and rugged terrain, and all adjustments are performed safely and ergonomically.
PPK at work

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Versatility in configurations and spacing

Front photo of the PPK with emphasis on the frame and drawbar

Wide range of configurations

The PPK precision seed drill was developed to meet the needs of small farmers, offering a wide range of configurations, starting with the tractor hitch system. The mounted version, for example, is coupled to the tractor’s three-point hitch (hydraulic lift). In this configuration, the wheels have mechanical height adjustment. In the trailed version, the tractor is coupled to the precision seed drill drawbar, which is levelled through an adjustment spindle, and the wheels feature hydraulic drive. The frame also allows for various spacing settings, ensuring that the distance between planting units is adjusted quickly and easily.

Ergonomic drive setting

Photo highlighting the wheelset combined with the gearbox and its easy access.

Easy access gearboxes

The wheels of the PPK are independent, with the possibility of moving along the frame without pre-set positions. A complete gearbox is attached to the wheelset structure, with gear shifting that allows a variety of combinations for the right adjustment of fertilizer and seed application rates. The combined wheelset and gearbox structure makes it possible to change the positioning of the assembly according to the spacing and number of rows. The movement occurs along the whole assembly, with no concern regarding the alignment of gears and chains. Regardless of the position along the frame, gearboxes are accessed from the rear of the machine, with total comfort and safety, and the drive is adjusted without the need for tools.

Planting efficiency and precision

Design of the S Planter

S Planter depth gauge wheel and press wheel

The seed units of the PPK precision seed drill have options to limit planting depth and to close the furrow in order to meet any planting condition and soil type, without the need for tools for adjustment, offering full ergonomics and safety. The depth gauge wheel, with independent rocker arm or fixed axle type flotation, ensures homogeneous seed depth in any condition. The press wheel of the PPK mechanical precision seed drills, features settings allowing efficient work when closing the furrow and compacting soil over the seeds. In addition, both systems (S Planter press wheel and depth gauge wheel) can be configured with three different spacing options, from narrow for more clayey soils to wide for sandy soils.


Isometric view of the PPK in working position.