SELECT GG precision seed drill

Detail of the SELECT GG machine

Robustness and performance within the reach of small farmers

Versatile, with low maintenance and models with 5 and 7 rows, the SELECT GG mechanical precision seed drill gives small farmers all the robustness and quality of the KUHN precision seed drill line.

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Providing for the small and medium farmers all the robustness and quality found in large KUHN precision seed drills, the SELECT GG is a mechanical precision seed drill with versatile options for the fertilizer unit, in addition to having a low maintenance rate. With a design that positions the wheels on the outside of the frame, the SELECT GG precision seed drill offers high stability on slopes, resulting in quality planting. For conditions with high straw volumes, the SELECT GG has the characteristic cutting power of large KUHN machines. Ergonomics and easy settings are also characteristics present in the SELECT GG, ensuring faster calibration for farmers.
Front isometric view of the SELECT GG hitched to the tractor.

Your benefits

Safety in planting with reduced maintenance

Photo of the unit drive with the sealed chain highlighted.

Drive with sealed chain for units

The planting unit drive of the SELECT GG precision seed drill is innovative. A sealed and constantly lubricated mechanism prevents chain uncoupling failures, considerably reducing the need for maintenance and preventing grease contamination due to impurities of the outside environment. In addition, because it is lubricated with lithium grease, the system keeps gears and chain in minimal friction, extending the service life of the components. The innovative system also follows the movement of the units and prevents seed disc speed alteration, ensuring maximum precision in planting. Finally, the fact that the SELECT GG precision seed drill does not require a chain tensioner or constant retightening, allows the farmer to plant safely with peace of mind.

Quality planting whatever the relief

Rear view photo with detail of the side wheelset.

Side wheelsets

The wheelsets on the SELECT GG mechanical precision seed drill are articulated, featuring hydraulic drive and robust support, responsible for reducing torsion and extending the service life of components. In addition, the articulating arms are positioned on the frame outer sides, keeping the tires in constant contact with the ground, which results in greater stability on slopes and constant metering unit drive, preventing fertilizer and seed distribution failures. Furthermore, its drive is integrated, with no risk of misalignment and with settings that require no tools. All these features of the SELECT GG favor uniform planting, safer operation and more ergonomic calibration.

Efficiency and versatility in fertilizer placement

Drawing with the fertilizer furrow opener options for the SELECT GG.

Fertilizer furrow opener options that adapt to any condition

The SELECT GG mechanical precision seed drill has a wide range of optional items for the fertilizer unit. When facing the most varied conditions and soil types, as well as a significant amount of straw and stones, the SELECT GG precision seed drill is able to meet the needs of small and medium farmers, ensuring efficient planting with the fertilizer in the right place. For softer soil, the SELECT GG offers the options of double disc or fertilizer incorporation disc. For clay or compact soils, the offer extends to the fixed or articulated blade, which offers excellent performance in fields with a high rate of stones or roots. The furrow opener offering for the fertilizer unit is completed by the option of approximate disc/blade, which provides the cutting power of discs with the decompaction of the blade.
Front isometric view of the SELECT GG hitched to the tractor.