Mounted Sprayers

KUHN mounted sprayers combine precision and ease of use with low investment costs. They can be equipped with steel or aluminium booms with manual or hydraulic folding. The polyethylene tanks from 600 to 2000 L offer high resistance thanks to their UV protection. These sprayers have a wide range of equipment and regulation types which will enable you to find the sprayer adapted to your needs.
Some models are not available in all countries. Please always check with your local dealer.


SLM is a simple and cost-effective spray option. Compact, it can be used in several field alternatives, meeting the needs of the small property spraying segment with quality.


The OPTIS range represents the entry-level range of mounted sprayers: 600-1200 l tank capacity, with steel boom from 2-16m. The simplicity and ease of operation of these sprayers will enable you to work rapidly on your crops with peace of mind.


OMNIS sprayers were designed from a simple and robust structure, equipped with 800-1200 l tank capacities and with booms from 12 and 15m. These sprayers are ideally suited for livestock, mixed and market gardening farms.


GARDIEN H is a fully hydraulic coupled boom sprayer designed to deliver more agility to field work. In addition to its excellent quality components, it also has the option of precision farming equipment.


GARDIEN X is a simple and economically viable sprayer to suit small properties. Compact machine, designed to work on different types of crops and terrains.


GARDIEN C stands out among the options of KUHN sprayers for being a simple, compact machine that offers good cost-benefit for small and medium-sized properties and can be used in different crops.


PORTER is a sprayer equipped with a fully hydraulic coupled boom that provides agility and performance in the field. In addition to offering more advanced spray component options, it also brings options for precision farming.


The DELTIS 2 range represents the mid-range selection of KUHN mounted sprayers, perfectly adapted to mixed farms : with 1000-1500 l tank capacity, there are five boom models available for all requirements from 15-24 metres.


The ALTIS 2 range is the top of the line of KUHN's mounted sprayers, perfectly suited to arable farm. With three tank capacities from 1500-2000 l, there are five models available for all requirements from 15-28 metres.

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