Mounted sprayer GARDIEN C


A sprayer that offers excellent operating results

GARDIEN C stands out among the options of KUHN sprayers for being a simple, compact machine that offers good cost-benefit for small and medium-sized properties and can be used in different crops.

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The Gardien line reflects excellence in components designed under the quality standards of the renowned KUHN brand, efficiently meeting field requirements. Developed for users needing cost-effectiveness and simplicity, Gardien C combines low acquisition and maintenance costs with easy operation, characteristics that make it unique. Also, its equipment was designed to serve on flat to rough terrain, creating the ideal combination for the most diverse crop conditions, as they can be configured with multiple tank, boom, pump options. Gardien C is a machine with simple settings and easy to operate owing to the use of ratchets for adjusting the boom angling system.

Your benefits

A simple way to improve performance

Boom ratchet

Manual boom with ratchet

Gardien C is fitted with ratchets produced in special carbon steel, with zinc plating treatment as for the booms, a material that ensures longer service life. Quality is critical because, in case the operator comes across an obstacle, he can adjust the boom height without leaving the tractor. Additionally, the Gardien features a sliding frame system which facilitates boom height setting modifications, 12 or 14 meter booms and a tank with a volume of up to 800 litres, optimizing the autonomy in the field.

PEC boom

The Gardien C line includes multiple boom options, in order to address various crops, from cereals to pastures.
The PEC model is a version intended for use of herbicide in pastures, with a super narrow boom for easier work in areas with obstacles.
With only three spray nozzles you can reach a wide application range of up to 15 meters, with excellent evenness. Such range can be adjusted as follows; just adjust the tip of the nozzles and height of the sliding frame.
In addition thay can be equipped with a set of guns for localized application such as close to fences, trees, sheds etc.
Pecuária exclusive boom

Safety and comfort

Gardien C sprayer piston pump

diaphragm or piston pump

Gardien C can be fitted with two types of pump, either piston or diaphragm. The piston pump version is simple and robust, but it can be used for various applications. It is developed and produced in-house, from the casting process to the final tests, for ensured product reliability. The piston pump is produced in cast iron, with three pistons and a ceramic lining. As for the diaphragm option, it is restricted to a single machine option, however its application in the field is increasingly differentiated. It provides more stable pressures due to precise synchronization and can be used with concentrated liquids. It is simple and easy to maintain, requiring only preventive maintenance and regular care.

Spraying circuit and its accessories

Gardien C two section spraying control

Gardien C circuit and spraying control

The components of this machine have been carefully designed for the daily life of the farmer and allows work with small-size tractors. In addition, the high durability and corrosion resistance to chemical products, give the Gardien C a differentiated performance. Performance in the field is ensured by its chassis, boom and spray circuit which has two control options to better meet the needs of the farmer: two and four sections with a main shut-off valve. Simple, yet including an equipment, Gardien C works with a hydraulic injector-type refilling system, which comes with a ready-to-use hose: just plug it in and supply the circuit with a small volume of water (to eliminate the air), activate the PTO and in a few minutes the tank will be refilled.

Gardien C sprayer options

Gardien C is a machine with a range of options for an excellent result in the field: it has a complete circuit, two pump options, filters for cleaning with flow shut-off valve, easy-to-access container rinser on the cover and a set of standard fan type nozzles. Additionally, it is possible to choose between versions with double or single (unijet) nozzle holder, both with anti-drip system and quick coupling nut, which provides adjustment flexiblity. Furthermore, the Gardien C can be produced with a two-section 12 meter boom, or four-section 14 meter boom.
Gardien C sprayer main filter

Sliding frame for height adjustment of the Gardien C sprayer


Technical characteristics

Tank solution (L)
Solution pump
Boom width (m)
Working width (m)
Drive boom
Boom height adjustment (m)
Spraying control
Number of sections
Line filter
Nozzle holder
Nozzle spacing (cm)
Main filter
Length (m)
Height (m)
400 -Polyethylene 600 -Polyethylene 800 -Polyethylene 600 -Polyethylene
Membrane pump 40 l/min Piston pump 80 l/min Piston pump 80 l/min Piston 80 l/min
12 12 14 2,30
12 to 15
Manual crank Manual crank Manual crank
Fixed Fixed Fixed
Up to 1,65 Up to 1,65 Up to 1,65 Up to 1,65
Manual - DPC Manual - DPC Manual - DPC Manual - DPC
2 2 4 3
2 mesh 80 2 mesh 80 4 mesh 80 3 mesh 80
Unijet with anti spill Unijet or bijet with anti spill Unijet or bijet with anti spill Unijet with anti spill
50 50 50
By return and optional hydraulic por venturi By return and optional hydraulic por venturi By return and optional hydraulic por venturi Only by return
1 1/2 mesh 50 1 1/2 mesh 50 1 1/2 mesh 50 1 1/2 mesh 50
1,50 1,50 1,50 1,15
3,00 3,00 3,50 1,65
1,65 1,65 1,65 2,10