Mounted sprayer PORTER ST


PORTER offers the assurance of effective field work, at the right time and right amount

PORTER is a sprayer equipped with a fully hydraulic coupled boom that provides agility and performance in the field. In addition to offering more advanced spray component options, it also brings options for precision farming.

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The Porter is a versatile machine, with multiple configuration possibilities. It is equipped with an independent hydraulic boom system, from the most basic to the most complete version which is equipped with components for precision farming. In addition to state-of-the-art technology, the chassis, frame, boom and encasing frame present a bold design and modern build . For maximum daily performance, the machine's main components are easy to access. The Porter is available in 600 and 800 litre versions, with booms of 16 or 18 metres and two pump models to choose from - piston or diaphragm - as well as optional equipment to better meet your needs.
El pulverizador PORTER ST en funcionamiento en el campo

Your benefits

Reinforced structure for field work

One-piece chassis

One-piece chassis

Porter is a machine of different design, with a one-piece tubular encasing frame, a feature that contributes to reducing the equipment's weight and preventing residue build-up on its structure. The robust chassis also offers a frontward offset hitching point for easier coupling to the tractor.
Due to the different configurations, it is possible to always stay close to the work actions, either with the approach of the spraying control, when manual, or by the panel, when electric. These are features that promote performance and comfort at the time of application.
They also increase the machine's service life.


The Porter has two boom sizes, 16 or 18 meters. For greater safety, the boom is designed with three independent sections, and its low height provides safe transport and easy storage.
A low, compact machine that keeps locking points close to the edges, ensuring safety and long equipment service life.
The special carbon steel boom and encasing frame design ensure safe work in the field. It is full-proof resistance.
Compact boom with 3 folding sections

Two-pivot system

The Porter frame consists of a two-pivot pendulum system that provides excellent boom stabilization, keeping it perfectly parallel to the ground for excellent adaptation on uneven ground. A system developed and patented by Kuhn.
The different suspension points (anti-shock and anti-drop), in both vertical and horizontal directions, provide improved results, in addition to preventing damage to the equipment and increasing it's service life.
The Porter offers a comprehensive equipment to ensure safe and effective field work, with the confidence of a renowned brand in the spraying segment.
Greater stability - frame with two pivot points

Safety and comfort

Piston pump - 80 l/min

Diaphragm or piston pump

The Porter offers two options for pumps, piston or diaphragm. Produced entirely by Kuhn, the piston pump ensures product flow reliability. A traditional pump on the market, produced in cast iron, with three pistons and ceramic lining. The line of diaphragm pumps, already established on the market, offers all the apparatus of available parts. They are models with differentials for field work, such as more stable pressures, due to the precise synchronization of the mechanism, ease of work with concentrated or powder-based spray products and less torque requirement for work. Maintenance of diaphragm pumps is carried out in a very simple way, as the components are easily accessible for repairs. The Porter uses an independent hydraulic pump to drive the booms, which can be manual by means of a lever or electric.

Versatility, a simple or complete machine

Side and central operation container rinser

Side and central operation container rinser

The Porter was designed following a long market study. The central panel allows access to the main functions, such as external refilling, product incorporation and the triple container rinsing. Everything is very accessible to the operator, thus improving performance and service quality. The additional tank for storing clean water allows cleaning the main tank and the spraying circuit after a change in chemical product or after sprayer use. The container rinser on the left side and the additional box on the right side (tool holder), are special components offered by KUHN for greater user comfort and safety.

Control modulation

To best match user needs, the Porter range offers five spray control options, all with a calibrated return system, to ensure efficiency and product savings, as it maintains constant pressure when one or more sections are shut off.
The various control options are described below:
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  • Manual control: for any action, the operator must leave the tractor and perform the adjustment manually.
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  • Control with electric main switch: The operator has an electric main switch close to the operating point to complete spraying shut off. The sections can continue being operated manually.

  • Electric control: At the operator's workstation, the electrical control panel for opening or shutting off sections or the whole boom for increased comfort at work.
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  • Electric control with electronic controller: After proceeding with the initial adjustments, the operator has precise control of the applied volume, from the flow controller. No application rate error and in addition information such as speed, tank volume or sparyed area is displayed real time
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    • Electric control with electronic controller and GPS: The machine ensures work as perfect as a large one. In addition to maintaining the indicated application rate and canvassing the area with canvas painting, it also shuts off the section automatically in the event of section overlapping. Ease of use and precise application result in higher final results.
Control modulation


PORTER ST sprayer operating in the field


Technical characteristics

Tank solution (L)
Solution pump
Drive boom
Boom height adjustment (m)
Spraying control
Number of sections
Line filter
Nozzle holder
Nozzle spacing (cm)
Main filter
Length (m)
Height (m)
600 and 800 -Polyethylene 600 and 800 -Polyethylene
Membrane pump 100 or 140 l/min and piston 80 l/min Membrane pump 100 or 140 l/min and piston 80 l/min
Hydraulic (manual and electric) Hydraulic (manual and electric)
Auto stable (kuhn stabili) Auto stable (kuhn stabili)
Up to 1,30 Up to 1,30
Manual, semi electric, electric - (DPM) and GPS Manual, semi electric, electric - (DPM) and GPS
4 or 5 4 or 5
4 or 5 4 or 5
Bijet or trijet with anti spill Bijet or trijet with anti spill
50 50
Hydraulic by return and venturi Hydraulic by return and venturi
1 1/2 mesh 32 1 1/2 mesh 32
1,50 1,50
3,25 3,25
2,76 2,76