Mounted sprayer GARDIEN H


GARDIEN H offers you proven safety and resistance

GARDIEN H is a fully hydraulic coupled boom sprayer designed to deliver more agility to field work. In addition to its excellent quality components, it also has the option of precision farming equipment.

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Gardien H was developed to ensure field safety and operational performance. It is fitted with an independent hydraulic system for easier and faster boom setting, directly from the point of operation. It offers wear resistance combined with versatility, as it has different configuration options for controls, booms and tank volume. In addition to the standard configurations, such as double nozzle-holder, hydraulic agitator and container rinser.
The special carbon steel structure of the booms, frame and its cushioning points, ensures excellent performance in different types of terrain.
Pulverizador GUARDIEN H en funcionamiento en el campo

Your benefits

Reinforced structure

Boom and frame

Boom and frame

Gardien H booms - 12, 14 and 16 metres - are made of special, lighter and more resistant carbon steel. With a encasing frame, it ensures high resistance along the entire boom length. The frame, in addition to its reinforced structure, provides excellent boom stability, ensuring higher field performance. Besides, it has two suspension points against impacts, both horizontal and vertical, with the aid of cushions and spring. The latter provide greater performance and longer tool service life. Boom actuation is done directly from the operator's workstation, by manual or hydraulic electric control, and thus provides greater operating comfort and flexibility.

Chassis and tank

The Gardien H chassis is made of L-shaped carbon steel bars (angle brackets), which provide excellent robustness and durability. The powder coating system gives the finishing touch and provides excellent protection against corrosion. In addition to being compact, the chassis is close to the tractor, favoring load distribution. The tank, produced in the best quality polyethylene, has chemical resistance and low friction coefficient, preventing chemicals from adhering on the walls. These features ensure efficiency in the field and very high tool reliability as with other tools in the Kuhn portfolio.
Chassis and tank

Safety and comfort

Piston pump

Piston pump

The Gardien H is equipped with a piston pump, simple and robust, but adapted to a variety of applications. It has been developed and is produced by Kuhn, from the casting process to the final test, ensuring product reliability. Conventional pump on the market, the piston pump has three pistons and ceramic lining. The main benefits are easy maintenance and reduced cost, as well as extended service life. The piston mechanism and crankshaft of the pistong pump are immersed in an oil tank. The replacement process is simple due to an easy access to these components.

Safety at work

Kuhn, in addition to delivering high performance field sprayers, is also concerned with safety, and therefore meets all legal requirements for the development of its products. Warning stickers are fitted on the tool, restrictions on access to moving parts are made, and all necessary information about the tool is covered in the safety, operation and maintenance manual, so that the user is performant and obtains good results. However, full success depends on awareness in the field, handling techniques and protective measures for manipulating pesticides. The anti-drip system in the nozzle prevents product loss and soil contamination.

Spraying circuit and its accessories


Circuit and spraying control

In addition to durability and practicality, the Gardien H uses first-rate spraying components such as its chassis, boom and lean spray circuit which ensure excellent performance in the field. The Gardien H is a machine designed for the daily life of farmers. The highly durable and chemical resistant components ensure differentiated performance; regarding control there are several options to best match the needs - two and four sections, manual or electric control, both with calibrated return system, to avoid overpressure in case of one or more sections shut-off and to ensure constant and even pressure. Although simple, it also features a hydroinjector-type refilling system which comes with a refilling hose ready for use - just connect it and supply the circuit with a small volume of water to eliminate the air. Activate the PTO and the tank will be refilled in a few minutes.


Gardien H features a full circuit. Main filter with spray lock for cleaning, power strip, container rinser on the lid with easy access, refiller, standard fan nozzle kit, double nozzle holder with anti-drip system, and quick coupling nut, which provides operational flexibility. However, it is possible to add components to improve performance, such as the side mixer and container rinser, electric drives that enable greater efficiency and flexibility, or even electronic control and GPS, for carrying out precision agriculture. This way, waste is avoided and precise application ensured, since you can mark the reference for the application on your panel and keep an external control of applied volumes. In case of overlap, there is an automatic section shutdown.


Left side view


Technical characteristics

Tank solution (L)
Solution pump
Drive boom
Boom height adjustment (m)
Spraying control
Number of sections
Line filter
Nozzle holder
Nozzle spacing (cm)
Main filter
Length (m)
Height (m)
600 -Polyethylene 800 -Polyethylene
Piston 80 l/min Piston 80 l/min
Manual Hydraulic (lever) Manual Hydraulic (lever)
Auto stable Auto stable
Up to 1,30 Up to 1,30
Manual (DPM) Manual (DPM)
4 4
4 4
Bijet with anti spill Bijet with anti spill
50 50
Hydraulic by return and venturi Hydraulic by return and venturi
1 1/2 mesh 50 1 1/2 mesh 50
1,75 1,75
3,20 3,75
2,45 2,45