Mounted sprayer SLM


A differentiated sprayer to suit the small property

SLM is a simple and cost-effective spray option. Compact, it can be used in several field alternatives, meeting the needs of the small property spraying segment with quality.

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The SLM has been designed for small farmers looking for simplicity and practicality on a daily basis in the field. It is a robust sprayer simple to calibrate/set and operate. Boom opening, for example, is completely manual, as well as the height and inclination setting. Besides, the SLM sprayer can be coupled to low power tractors (from 20 hp), making it the ideal machine for small operations.
SLM side view in working position

Your benefits

Compact, simple and light machine


SLM manual boom

The SLM sprayer has a carbon steel boom, arranged vertically and sized for activities relevant to crop treatment in small operations. Easy to handle, the unfolding and activation of the SLM boom is completely manual, requiring the operator to get off the tractor and perform the procedures. Boom tilt and height adjustments are carried out using ropes: for height adjustment, just slide the frame on its vertical support to adapt the boom height to the crop. The side ropes fitted with a chain at one end are also used for adjustment and are easily set manually.

Safety and comfort of use

Diaphragm pump coupled to the PTO

Pump directly coupled to the power take-off

The SLM is equipped with a diaphragm pump, a component that requires less tractor power and delivers a constant and uniform flow for even work pressure, as well as high work performance with concentrated spray.
The SLM pump is directly coupled to the tractor's power take-off, which eliminates the use of a cardan and, thus, has a direct influence on the operator's safety.
The diaphragm pump is easy to maintain. Simply remove a few parts and you have access to the main points. Just watch out for the oil level and service life is ensured.

Simple and operational; efficient response

SLM spray control

Structure of the SLM sprayer

The components of the SLM sprayer, carefully designed to match the operator's daily work, are practical and, at the same time, reliable, allowing work with small-size tractors. In addition, the high durability and resistance to corrosion by chemical products, giving it a differentiated performance. For greater comfort of use and ergonomics in daily operations, it is possible to position the spraying control box next to the operator, as the SLM features as standard a control with extended hoses for this type of use. Although simple, this sprayer is equipped with a refilling system through the suction filter, and includes a specific hose for this function: just connect it to the filter and activate the PTO to start refilling.
Rear view starting opening of the boom


Technical characteristics

Tank solution (L)
Solution pump
Boom width (m)
Drive boom
Boom height adjustment (m)
Spraying control
Number of sections
Line filter
Nozzle holder
Nozzle spacing (cm)
Main filter
Length (m)
Height (m)
SLM 300
300 -Polyethilene
Membrane pump 40 l/min
Up to 1,60
2 mesh 80
Unijet with anti spill
Only by return
1 1/4 mesh 50