Mounted sprayer OMNIS

OMNIS silhouette

Single, reliable and durable

OMNIS sprayers were designed from a simple and robust structure, equipped with 800-1200 l tank capacities and with booms from 12 and 15m. These sprayers are ideally suited for livestock, mixed and market gardening farms.

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OMNIS sprayers were designed from a simple and robust structure. They are intended for livestock, multi-crop and market gardening farms. They come with numerous accessories as standard to ensure that good spraying practices, standards and legislation are complied with.

OMNIS sprayers can meet all your needs: their modular design offers a very wide choice of equipment possibilities.
OMNIS Sprayer

Your benefits

The OMNIS sprayer is designed around a robust structure

The one-piece chassis offers ruggedness and durability through its large dimensions

One-piece, welded chassis

The structure of the OMNIS sprayer consists of a one-piece steel chassis. This key component offers durability and maximum service life.

Lightweight and functional polyethylene tank

The polyethylene tank stands out by its simple shape and lightweight design, which results in a lightweight sprayer. Also, its shape ensures complete draining and easy rinsing.
Main tank capacity: 800/1,000/1,200 litres
Rinsing tank capacity: 100 litres
A lightweight and easy-to-rinse tank

Simple design and easy to use

The controls are grouped together on one side of the machine and are easy to use.

Intuitive operation

The OMNIS sprayer's controls are grouped together on an ergonomic panel with the minimum number of valves. This facilitates handling and avoids any operating errors. The filters (filling/intake/spraying) and the pump are highly accessible, ensuring easier maintenance.

DPS electric DPM regulation

The DPF regulation provides operational comfort, allowing the operator to control the sprayer directly from the cab via a DPF control unit (opening/closing of spraying / pressure adjustment and unfolding/folding of the boom).
DPS regulator unit, compact and easy to use

DPAE RPB regulation

The RPB unit automatically adapts the output according to the tractor's forward speed, offering optimal comfort and precision. It permanently displays the flow rate (l/ha), speed and working pressure. Owing to its compact design and CAN bus harness, the installation in the cab is very easy.
DPAE RPB regulator unit

RHX galvanised steel boom

RHX boom, single and rugged

Corrosion-resistant, galvanised steel boom

The RHX galvanised boom provides indispensable reliability and durability for spraying and liquid fertilisation applications.

Compact, rear-folding boom

The RHX boom folds toward the rear. There is thus no contact with the cab, and folding is simple and fast and performed from inside the cab
RHX compact, folding boom


Numerous optional equipment is available that can provide operational comfort which can be adapted to meet all requirements.

OMNIS 1200 and RHX 12m boom, rear view


General characteristics

Boom width (m)
Boom suspension
Number of arms
Boom material
Tank capacity (L)
Tank material
Real tank capacity (L)
Rinsing tank capacity (L)
Type of pump
Pump output (L/min)
Maximum pressure (bar)
Overall width (m)
Transport height (m)
Empty weight (kg)
12 / 13 / 15
Galvanized steel
800 / 1,000 / 1,200
850 / 1,080 / 1,260
100 - Optional
Piston-diaphragm PM 125 / PM 165
125 or 165
Triple : Filling / suction / spraying
3.2 (15 m)
655 (15 m)