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Discover innovative sowing techniques

Whether practising Conservation Agriculture, min-till or no-till seeding or even conventional seeding, new seeding techniques are available to you thanks to new developments in agricultural machinery.

Today, farms are increasingly important, both in value and in surface, and environment is at the heart of all debates. This is why more and more farmers want to develop a new practice more respectful of the environment and less expensive. With this in mind, in order to meet their needs, we have developed new machines allowing them to innovate in terms of sowing.

Multiply the sowing possibilities with several hoppers
The possibilities offered by the presence of several hoppers on the same seed drill are numerous and very beneficial. For example You can now seed up to 3 products at 2 different depths in min-till applications with the ESPRO RC and AUROCK RC seed drills, plant two different species and incorporate a fertiliser, establish a cover crop with three precisely dosed species, bring starter fertiliser or mineral elements as close as possible to the seed when sowing directly or between two rows in order to promote root development during min-till cultivation practices, deliver products for protection against pests and slugs ...

Think about cover crops
They help maintain soil structure, capture carbon and nutrients, and reduce erosion. However, they should not be neglected! They must be taken care of like a real cultivation so as not to cause new problems or create imbalances. Companion plants or "relay cropping" are also interventions to be considered to improve the ecological nutrition of the main crop.

Maximize localized fertilisation in seeding rows
By providing a more precise dosing and positioning of seed and fertiliser for example. The latter can be brought as close as possible to the seed while avoiding burns during direct seeding to improve the start of the plant without favouring the development of the cover crops in place. Providing fertiliser during sowing allows rapid and homogeneous germination. With the ESPRO RC and AUROCK RC seed drills, you can incorporate fertiliser as close as possible to the seed and thus maximise the efficiency of fertilisation.

Rethink crop rotation
Extending rotations in a cereal system is an essential part of weed control. In general, it is necessary to include spring crops, to favour the alternation of nitrogen releasing crops with nitrogen demanding crops. Aspects of residue management, pest pressure and tillage must be taken into account in crop succession. Although a decrease in the number of broadleaf weeds is generally noted, it is the grasses that tend to be more invasive. This is the advantage of the plant cover that occupies the soil and helps to contain weed pressure. The stale seedbed technique is also well known for helping in the destruction of the initial population present on the first few centimetres.

Discover the innovative sowing techniques

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