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German magazine Top Agrar puts the MERGE MAXX 440 F to the test

The journalists from the German magazine Top Agrar recently tested the KUHN MERGE MAXX 440 F front-mounted belt merger. Their assessment revealed that the machine is remarkably solidly built, capable of withstanding the rigors of tackling the most demanding agricultural tasks. Furthermore, this is a very versatile machine, easy to service and operate. A particularly appreciated feature is that it avoids rolling on the forage, thus preserving its quality and maximizing yield for farmers.

MERGE MAX 440 F in combination working in the field

According to Florian Tastowe from Top Agrar editorial team:

In combination with a rear belt merger, the MERGE MAXX 440 F increases the working width by nearly 3m. Its advantage in difficult conditions is that you can combine it with a rotary rake at the rear, hence avoid rolling on the forage. It is in this configuration, that the split belt on the front-mounted unit plays to its strengths. The same applies to splitting large straw windrows for faster drying or for balers following a high capacity combine. Hence, the fodder does not require being conditioned previously.


This information comes from tests carried out by Top Agrar magazine on a KUHN MERGE MAXX 440 F model.

Watch the videos produced by the magazine:

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