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DURAKARB plough discovery pack

Do you plough in difficult soil conditions? To make your work easier, equip your plough with the new DURAKARB point, available in a discovery pack, and benefit from a series of advantages: 

  • A 22% discount on the recommended retail price *. 
  • DURAKARB points in a new and exclusive colour. 
  • The opportunity to test the new DURAKARB points and to observe the doubled performance compared to the SUPER-MARATHON point by equipping your plough with both types of points. 

* Customer benefit between the purchase at the recommended public price of all the retail parts and the purchase of the discovery pack 40003584. 

What's in the Discovery pack? 

  • 1 pair of new DURAKARB plow points (H0408540 / 50) 
  • 5 pairs of SUPER-MARATHON points (622164 / 65) 
  • 2 KUHNSET with fixings of the points 
  • And more surprises! 
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How to use it? 

Step 1: equip your plough with the pair of DURAKARB points and the other bodies with the SUPER-MARATHON points. 

Step 2: after the SUPER-MARATHON points have completely worn out, you will notice that the DURAKARB point still has enough thickness to cover many hectares. You can replace the worn SUPER-MARATHON points with a new set of them.  
For a plough with 5 bodies, a pair of SUPER-MARATHON points is already included as an extra in the discovery pack. 

Step 3: following the wear of the second set of SUPER-MARATHON points, you obtain proof that the DURAKARB spike has a lifespan x2 compared to the SUPER-MARATHON point. 

Where and how to find it?  

Interested by the Discovery Pack?

Find it now on MyKUHN by entering the reference 40003584 or contact your dealer.

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