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Border spreading limiter - GSE PRO

The precision of KUHN’s new border spreading limiter combines two key factors in fertilisation: output optimisation and respect for the environment.

What compatibilities? 

Fertiliser spreaders in the AXIS and AXENT ranges can now be equipped with the new GSE PRO border spreading limiter which replaces the existing GSE. There are two versions to choose from depending on the fertiliser spreader: 

  • the GSE 30 PRO is adapted to AXIS 20.2, 30.2 and 40.2 fertiliser spreaders with working widths from 12 to 42 m according to the model, 
  • the GSE 50 PRO is designed for the AXIS 50.2 fertiliser spreader and the AXENT trailed tool which can reach working widths of 50 m.  
GSE PRO on AXIS in the field

What objectives? 

This new border spreading limiter optimises the fertiliser application rate to meet the current agricultural challenges by spreading up to the border, but no further! In other words, it can combine "performance" border spreading and "environment" border spreading. 


AXIS 20.2 with GSE PRO

How does it work?  

It is a hydraulic limiter that is controlled directly from the tractor cab. Spreading is carried out towards the inside of the plot while driving along the edge. The metering outlet on the border side is closed. The settings on the new GSE PRO are quick and easy, and available on the KUHN SpreadSet application! This new version of border spreading limiter features a new central channel and deflector plates on the extended side wings. The side wings retract automatically when the deflector plate is raised making the machine more compact for storage.  

AXIS with GSE PRO in transport position

The precision of the new GSE PRO border spreading limiter will satisfy the most demanding users by limiting the number of granules that go beyond the border to less than 3 ‰ (3 per mille), while maintaining the performance. 

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