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Unique KUHN solutions cater for absolute spreading precision: EMC (Electronic Mass Control) adapts the application rate automatically and independently, on the left and right, during spreading. In addition, the CDA distribution system is the key to precision spreading in any conditions. KUHN's range of ISOBUS-compatible AXIS spreaders bring you cutting edge spreading solutions.
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Precision with cutting-edge technologies

EMC: the "weighing" device on each disc, KUHN pioneer for over 20 years!

The "weighing" device on each disc, KUHN pioneer for over 20 years!

EMC (Electronic Mass Control) adjusts the application rate, left and right, and every second like a « weighing » device on each disc. This unique system by KUHN, allows every plant to receive the right dose of fertiliser every second. It's simple, fertiliser flow is measured on each disc: in the event of clogging or a blockage, the flow rate of the outlet concerned is corrected immediately and automatically!
For over 20 years, you have been using this system to ensure the right application rate because you get the right fertiliser flow at each outlet.
Sensors read the drive torque at each disc every second. Depending on the reading, the flow rate is adjusted automatically and separately on the left and right-hand discs.
With EMC, you adjust left and right flow rates individually without feeling the effects of slopes and vibrations. You are also more fuel efficient due to the reduced motor speed. There is no need to do a flow test, just enter the application rate and start spreading. Flow rate possibilities are large: between 20 and 500 kg/min, so left/right application rate adjustment by GPS is possible with extreme precision.

The W weighing system: "continuous" adjustment

The classic weighing system equips AXIS 20.2 W, AXIS 30.2 W and AXIS 40.2 W models with working widths from 12 to 42m.
Two weighing cells linked to the QUANTRON A electronic terminal enable automatic application-rate adjustment during fertiliser spreading. Every second, the terminal monitors the flow rate to check that it corresponds to the programmed rate before adjusting it. This provides extreme precision and user comfort.
The original, patented design of the weighing system consists of a strong hitch frame fitted with two weighing cells that have a capacity of 10 tons each, and a link rod connected to the machine frame. The two weighing cells guarantee high precision, even on slopes. There are two linkage heights making late spreading possible. The hitch frame has high clearance for transmission shift.
Just enter the application rate, working width and drop point (depending on machine), and the connected system continuously monitors flow rate during spreading, correcting outlet position automatically if it picks up a fault.

QUANTRON A control box for continuous flow-rate adjustment during spreading

The CDA lateral distribution system, beyond compare!

The unique CDA system (coaxial distribution adjustment) ensures optimum lateral distribution. The modification of the fertiliser drop point enables quick adaptation to different products and working widths. The special design of the metering outlets produces multiple supply to the vanes which provides constant fertiliser flow and uniform spreading. With the CDA system, distribution patterns are regular and precise. Application rate variations and changes in groundspeed have no effect on fertiliser distribution. The extra-slow agitator regulates supply rate to the spreading disc and improves fertiliser flow. It rotates 360° at a speed of only 17rpm so is gentle with granules. To ensure that the fertiliser drop point is accurate on the disc, a drop guide follows the fertiliser flow until it is caught by the vanes. AIRFIN deflectors reduce turbulence generated by disc rotation and ensure regular fertiliser flow.
The CDA system (coaxial distribution adjustment) ensures optimum lateral fertiliser distribution.

Perfectly uniform spreading in field corners, even at high speeds

VARISPREAD PRO: Continuous Section Control at very high speed, 1 section per metre with SpeedServo

VARISPREAD PRO:  Section Control at very high speeds with SpeedServo

SpeedServo is a new control system composed of two electric motors that are 2.5 times faster than a traditional cylinder. It modifies drop points and adapts the spread fan to the shape of the field. Overlap management is improved and the right application rate is spread in the right place, even at high ground speeds.
VARISPREAD PRO is available on AXIS 40.2 and 50.2 models with mechanical or hydraulic drive.

VARISPREAD 8: put a stop to over-spreading in field corners!

The VARISPREAD 8 is integrated as standard in manual or automatic per GPS version to limit overdosage on plot points. The section control of VARISPREAD 8 offers 8 sections, 4 per side, and operates by gradual reduction on the metering outlet to prevent overdosage. It is available on AXIS models version Q, W, M-EMC (W).


At headlands, most farmers start and stop spreading at the same moment even though different fertilisers have different ballistic properties. OPTIPOINT automatically determines the ideal point of opening and closing the metering outlets according to the type of fertiliser as well as groundspeed. This results in higher precision when using GPS control.
OPTIPOINT GPS-optimized opening and closing of headland valves

Gain access to the most innovative technologies

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ISOBUS compatible AXIS fertiliser spreaders

The following fertiliser spreader models feature as standard ISOBUS technology:
  • AXIS 20.2 M-EMC (W)

  • AXIS 40.2 M-EMC-(W)

AXIS 40.2 H-EMC-(W)
  • AXIS 50.2 M-EMC-(W)

  • AXIS 50.2 H-EMC-(W)
AXIS fertiliser spreaders are AEF-certified (Agricultural Electronics Foundation) and compatible with ISOBUS terminals.
These models are also available in non-ISOBUS version.

Hydraulic or mechanical disc drive

Hydraulic disc drive (H-EMC) is independent from motor speed. It maintains disc rotation speed and associated working width constant. The discs are driven by the tractor's hydraulics, with only a low flow rate necessary (from 45 L/min at 180 bar), independently from motor and PTO speed. The spread area remains constant and can be adapted to plot points smoothly. It is also possible to spread at lower engine speeds and reduce fuel consumption. The agitator does not damage fertiliser because it stops instantly when the outlets close. High capacity weigh cells also constantly inform the driver of how much fertiliser remains in the hopper.
On mechanical-drive models (M-EMC or W), the spreading discs are driven by the PTO shaft (540rpm). All shafts and angular gears operate in an oil bath to reduce maintenance. They are protected by a strong frame against dust, dirt, damp and mechanical damage. These models also have their own anti-overload system which protects the entire drive unit including the agitators.
View of the hydraulic motor that drives AXIS H-EMC fertiliser spreader discs.

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