CCI A3 ISOBUS joystick

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Control your machines differently

Revolutionary and easy to use! This is the sensation when using the CCI A3 ISOBUS joystick.

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With the CCI A3 ISOBUS joystick, you can view the functions of your machine directly on the touch screen of your joystick. This way, you select the right function at the right time, everytime. The CCI A3 is ISOBUS AUX-N certified by the AEF, it is compatible with all ISOBUS machines certified AUX-N. The touch screen provides a very intuitive interface. With the colour touchscreen, you can visualize every function of your ISOBUS machine for a safe job. To cater for different types of implement and the number of control functions required, 3 quick-release grids have 8, 9 or 10 keys associated with 3 different levels, this offers 24, 27 or 30 programmable functions.
CCI A3 with CCI 1200

Your benefits

Revolutionary ease to use

Quickly configure your CCI A3 colour touchscreen joystick via your ISOBUS terminal, ISOBUS console or ISOBUS monitor.

Revolutionary ease to use

Enjoy revolutionary ease of use with the touch screen and vibration feedback. Now, instead of reading F3 or F5 and having to remember what that code is, you can directly view the function you want to activate. Thanks to separators isolating each function, you will always press the right key. To make things easier, simply and quickly configure your CCI A3 joystick via your ISOBUS terminal and assign the functions of your machine to the joystick as you see fit.

Choose your perfect layout

Change the grid in seconds on your innovative ISOBUS CCI A3 joystick for more comfort and more functions.

Choose your perfect layout

Composed of a touch screen, three easily interchangeable grids with 8, 9 or 10 functions are avaible as standard. For added comfort, the joystick has a height-adjustable hand rest. A function selector located behind the joystick allows you to navigate between 3 levels, which gives you up to 30 customizable keys.

Perfect compatibilities for all applications

Integrate your innovative CCI A3 ISOBUS joystick close to your armrest for more comfort in the cabin.

Perfect compatibilities for all applications

The CCI A3 is ISOBUS AUX-N certified by the AEF, therefore it is compatible with all ISOBUS machines certified AUX-N. Not all ISOBUS AUX-N machines can transmit the symbols to the CCI A3, in this case the keys will be named F1 to F10. The functions will be visible directly on the ISOBUS terminal. Due to its compactness, the CCI A3 joystick can be easily integrated near your armrest, providing you with more comfort. The CCI A3 connects to the ISOBUS 9-pin In-Cab socket.
CCI A3 with CCI 800