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Save on time and costs with e-TWIN Wrapping technology

Save up to 50% on wrapping time and 8% on film costs, while enjoying complete wrapping reliability. Discover the advantages of the unique e-TWIN wrapping technology on RW round bale wrappers!


50% shorter wrapping time

Wrapping time

e-TWIN uses two standard 750 mm film rolls that rotate simultaneously. This means you halve your wrapping time compared to a single pre-stretch wrapper.


90% stretching = 8% film savings

90% stretching = 8% film savings

With the unique KUHN pre-stretcher design, two film layers are pre-stretched and immediately stick together to form one strong laminated layer, allowing to achieve a pre-stretch ratio of 90%. This will save you up to 8% film! 

100% wrapping reliability

Wrapping reliability

Extreme tear resistance in all conditions. 

No more stopping because film tears off during wrapping. The unique double e-TWIN film layer ensures 100% wrapping reliability. Before leaving the pre-stretcher unit, the two film layers are glued together with 2/3 overlap, providing a tear resistant layer.

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The following models can be equipped with the e-TWIN technology:


RW 1410

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