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KUHN launches a range of mechanical weed management implements

KUHN launches a range of mechanical weed management implements : ROWLINER row-crop cultivators TINELINER tine weeders

Mechanical weeding will now be carried out in KUHN colours!

The trend towards a more rational but also more restrictive use of pesticides is leading farmers to explore alternative solutions for weeding large crops.

To meet these needs, KUHN’s crop care product offering of shallow tillage and spraying solutions will expand to include a range of mechanical weeding implements.


ROWLINER row-crop cultivators

The row-crop cultivator ROWLINER offers a high-end and versatile solution dedicated to major row crops such as maize, sunflower or soybean. The ROWLINER range starts with 6-rows models and goes up to 12 rows with machines of 4,5 to 6m working width. 

Combine with the ROWLINK side-shift hitch and camera technology, ROWLINER's working precision is maximised to reach the closest position to the crop row. A second camera can also be used to manage optional section control.


TINELINER tine weeders

Robust and cost-efficient tine weeders are completing the KUHN mechanical weeding product range for crops such as cereals. TINELINER tine weeders are available in working widths of 6, 9 and 12m. Each TINELINER unit features 48 tines arranged in 6 rows for a 3,1 cm line spacing. Tine lenght and position allow the perfect balance between vibrating effect and rigidity to increase weeding quality. The hydraulic setting of the tine aggressiveness can be carried out direclty from the tractor cab. The pendular axle and the pivoting rear wheels ensure perfect ground adaptation. on light and sandy soils, optional twin-wheels can be fitted at the front. 

Crop care as heart of sustainable farming

Environmental challenges, social and regulatory pressure, weeds' resistance, and new chemical regulations... are some of the reasons farms tend to diversify their weeding strategies and practices. We already offers shallow, tillage and application systems solutions.

As a second step, the rotary hoe STARLINER will be introduced on the market in 2025.

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