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TWINPACT double plunger technology celebrates 10 years

10 years ago, KUHN introduced its revolutionary TWINPACT double plunger technology for large square balers. Available on the SB 1290 iD model, the patented design generates compact and well-shaped bales without increasing the load on the machine. This results in up to 25% higher bale densities in dry crops compared to conventional balers.


High-density bales, low power requirement 

The KUHN patented* TWINPACT double plunger system is an intelligent way to reach extremely high bale densities. As a result, in dry straw conditions, SB 1290 iD balers produce up to 25% heavier bales compared to conventional balers. In the meantime, excessive peak loads on the machine are avoided, resulting in a low power requirement. This brings profitability to the baling enterprise, in both conventional crop production and the most challenging environments where energy crops are grown for biomass operations. 

TWINPACT double plunger explained

The TWINPACT plunger is divided into an upper and lower section connected with a triangle rod. With each plunger cycle, the bale is hit twice. By working on a smaller area, the impact force can be kept equal to increase bale density. Despite the heavier bales, the load on the machine is comparable with a conventional 120 x 90 (4 x 3) baler, eliminating the need for an oversized driveline, flywheel and main frame.

KUHN_TWINPACT double plunger_render_a


* Patent or patent pending in one or more countries.


Bring efficiency and profitability to your baling operation!

Up to 25% higher bale density combined with a low power requirement.


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