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Work output and precision with the ARTEC F40 EVO self-propelled sprayer!

ARTEC F40 EVO: What are its assets?

Designed for intensive use, the ARTEC F40 EVO self-propelled machine has been developed to best meet your needs in terms of work output, reliability and precision. With a 5000 L stainless steel tank and booms of 28 to 50 m, this machine has many assets, including:

An efficient engine

The engine of this machine has a cylinder capacity of 7.7 L, horsepowers of 218, 252 or 280 and meets the Stage V standard. Coupled with a hydromechanical transmission, it can endure the greatest tests and provides efficiency unmatched on the market.

ARTEC F40 EVO in the field

A safe and intuitive cabin

Particular attention has been paid to the category 4 cabin to ensure comfort with air suspension, a cosy seat, an intuitive armrest and automatic air conditioning. The entire machine can be controlled from the armrest thanks to one-touch management of the drive.

cabin if the ARTEC F40 EVO self-propelled sprayer!

High-performance spraying

The new generation of regulation allows the centrifugal pump to manage itself automatically according to needs. With a capacity of 780 L/min (at 3 bars) and coupled to the spraying circuit, it provides very high capacities in terms of work output and application quality.

ARTEC F40 EVO self-propelled sprayer working in the field

Work in continuous variation

During spraying, managing the drop size is essential to ensure a successfull application. Thanks to the PWM AUTOSPRAY spraying system, good spray quality is maintained, even with varying speeds and changing weather conditions during work!

ARTEC F40 EVO self-propelled

Numerous equipment for the ARTEC F40 EVO self-propelled sprayer

The ARTEC F40 EVO self-propelled sprayer is equipped with carefully designed and selected equipment to make the user experience more compelling. Among them:

Maintenance at your fingertips

Engine maintenance has been designed for carrying out all interventions from the footbridge provided for this purpose. Numerous equipment are available such as a blow gun with different sockets on the machine to allow you to have access to the compressed air circuit wherever you need it. The centralised greasing system performs all the lubrication on the ARTEC F40 EVO self-propelled sprayer to save time.

ARTEC F40 EVO self-propelled sprayer in maintenance

Less ground pressure

Large tyres up to 2.05 m in diameter and 710 mm wide can be fitted. The tyres are offered with VF (Very high Flexion) technology which offers comfort, respect for the ground and safety at high speed.

The tyres of ARTEC F40 EVO self-propelled sprayer

Discover the ARTEC F40 EVO self-propelled sprayer on the KUHN stand at the AGRITECHNICA 2023.

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