Trailed Sprayers

KUHN trailed sprayers offer a new idea of balance: a well-equipped sprayer with aluminium booms, a polyester tank an intuitive controls ensure its ease of use and optimum spraying quality. Its numerous equipment options combined with impeccable boom stability guarantee spraying quality.
Some models are not available in all countries. Please always check with your local dealer.


ECO RANGER is a dragging machine with greater tank capacity and with different bar models and sizes to meet the most varied applications.


Ranger is the perfect machine for you - producer - who is looking for a more complete technological package. A machine with greater work capacity and efficiency.


The LEXIS trailed sprayer represents the entry-level range of KUHN trailed sprayers, perfectly adapted to multi-crop and grain type farms. With a 2,400-L, 3,000-L or 3,800-L tank and an 18 to 28m boom, the LEXIS will meet all your requirements.


The METRIS 2 trailed sprayer represents the heart of the KUHN trailed range, perfectly suited to grain farms. With a 3,200-L or 4,100-L tank and an 18 to 38-m boom, the METRIS 2 will meet all your requirements.

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