Trailed sprayer ECO RANGER


Robustness and simplicity

ECO RANGER is a dragging machine with greater tank capacity and with different bar models and sizes to meet the most varied applications.

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The development of Eco Ranger was aimed at producers seeking excellent operational performance and autonomy without sacrificing cost-effectiveness. This model is perfect for those looking to migrate from a mounted model to a trailed one. With larger tank capacity and the robustness of large machines, it offers different boom sizes: 16 and 18 meters with fully hydraulic opening system and also the Pecuária boom model, ideal for pest control in pasture land. All models can be fitted with different options for configuring components and optional equipment. Different versions to meet different demands while maintaining the application quality.
Right side view Eco Ranger - 18 - Horizontal Boom

Your benefits

Structural strengthened at field level

Reinforced chassis

Chassis assembly

We prioritize the delivery to our customer of a robust and user-friendly machine. Every detail has been designed with the most severe conditions of fieldwork in mind, delivering maximum operating comfort.
Its chassis is produced in steel plate, folded in a "U" profile that ensures greater resistance under severe torsion conditions. To resist the attack of chemicals, nothing better than the protection of the powder coating, a perfect protection against corrosion.
In addition to offering the track width adjustment option, the Eco Ranger line offers 3-wheel models, designed to best serve the different types of reliefs and soils. All wheel set (tires) models have the same track width, i.e. 60 cm.
Eco ranger is a comprehensive machine. In addition to being well equipped and structured, it complies with the safety standards. Its side ladder facilitates access to the tank if necessary.

Safety and comfort

Piston pump

Piston pump

The Eco Ranger line has 3 pump outflow options: 80, 125 and 160 litre/min. The spray pumps are entirely developed and produced at Kuhn, from casting to final quality tests, ensuring maximum product reliability. A great acceptance by the producer, manufactured in cast iron, with three pistons and ceramic lining. Long-lasting pump with reduced maintenance cost and easily repairable due to an easy access to the highly wearing components. The piston mechanism and crankshaft of the piston pump are immersed in an oil reservoir, ensuring long component service life.

Circuit and spraying control

The components of the Eco Ranger line spraying circuit are highly durable and resistant to attack by chemicals. The spray controls feature section shut-off valves and a main shut-off valve, either in electric or electronic control version, both with a calibrated return system which avoids over-pressure in the event of one or more shut-off sections. This ensures constant pressure throughout the circuit.
The hydroinjector-type refilling system comes with a refilling hose. Just connect it and supply the circuit with a small volume of water to eliminate the air, activate the PTO and in a few minutes the tank will be refilled.
Spraying control

Versatility in applications

PEC boom

PEC boom

The Eco ranger line includes boom combinations for use in different crops such as cereals, pastures etc.
The PEC model is a version intended for use of herbicide in pastures, featuring a very narrow boom, in order to facilitate work in areas with obstacles.
With only three spray nozzles you can reach a wide application range of up to 15 meters, with excellent uniformity. Just adjust the tip of the nozzles and height of the tower.
A set of guns is also available for localized application, in case there is a need for specific applications, such as next to a fence, trees, shed etc.

16 and 18 meter boom - Vertical - Fully hydraulic

The Eco ranger line includes different boom models and sizes to suit different crops, such as cereals, pastures etc.
In the cereal line it has two boom combinations: 16 and 18 metres arranged in an upright position, made of carbon steel with lattice, providing high strength. Both are electro-hydraulically driven, using an electrical terminal, which can be positioned close to the operator for ease of use. The Eco Ranger boom has two support points with automatic locking system, so that, during transport, the assembly remains sturdy, avoiding premature structure wear.
16 and 18 meter hydraulic boom


Pecuária boom


Technical characteristics

Tank solution (L)
Solution pump
Drive cardan
Boom width (m)
Drive boom
Boom height adjustment (m)
Spraying control
Number of sections
Line filter
Nozzle holder
Nozzle spacing (cm)
Main filter
Length (m)
Height (m)
Width (m)
Wheel track (m)
Ground clearance (m)
Weight (Kg)
2000 - Fiber 2000 - Fiber
Piston 80 l/min Piston 80 l/min
Homocinetic Homocinetic
18 2,30
Electric hydraulic
Up to 1,40 Up to 2,00
DPM Electric Electric DPM
4 4
4 3
36 3
Hydraulic by return and venturi Hydraulic by return and venturi
2 '' mesh 50 2 '' mesh 50
5,3 5,30
3,25 12,4 x 36
2,76 3,20
1,80 and 2,20 2,30
12,4 x 36 1,80 to 2,20
0,50 0,60