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Ranger is the perfect machine for you - producer - who is looking for a more complete technological package. A machine with greater work capacity and efficiency.

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Ranger is the perfect trailed machine for rougher and more difficult to access areas. Equipped with an electronic controller and GPS and developed with the power required for travelling in any kind of terrain, it is ideal for users seeking efficiency in spraying and operational performance. From the basic configuration to the most complete version, the cost-benefit ratio is what draws the most attention in the Ranger line. The Ranger is available in several configurations: tank capacity, boom size and on-board electronic package. A machine designed to ensure spraying with ease and efficiency.

Your benefits

Reinforced structure for intensive field work

Chassis assembly

Chassis assembly

This machine has been designed to achieve maximum efficiency even in the most severe working conditions. The chassis is made of U-shaped steel plates for greater resistance to uneven terrain.
Powder coating provides excellent visual quality to the equipment and extends its service life through its protection from the action of chemicals and corrosion. In addition to the track width adjustment option, another feature is the diversity in wheel models. There are three tire models, all with a free span of 60 centimeters.
The Ranger is a comprehensive, structured and well-equipped machine that meets safety standards while offering easy access to components for periodic maintenance.

Frame set

Spraying is a job that requires performance and operational efficiency even on irregular terrain. With that in mind, Ranger was designed with a self-stable set of extremely resistant frames that maintains the stability of the spray booms, thereby ensuring maximum coverage of the crop.
In addition to the reinforced structure, the damping device is responsible for cushioning all impacts affecting the boom, for longer service life of metal components.
The Ranger model enables starting and finishing work within the ideal spraying window, ensuring both maximum pest control and crop productivity.
Frame set

Safety and comfort

Piston pump

Piston pump

The spray pumps of the Ranger line are entirely developed and produced at Kuhn, from casting to final quality tests, ensuring maximum product reliability. There are two piston pump versions: 125 and 160 liters/min, a conventional pump on the market, produced in cast iron, with three pistons and ceramic lining. Its principle is to transform mechanical force into pressure. A pump with a long service life, easy maintenance, low cost and simple to repair. The mechanical assembly is immersed in an oil reservoir, separated by components and repair. On the opposite side are the ceramic sleeves, which must always work bathing in the liquid.
The piston pump is driven by a cardan, and the hydraulic pump of the booms is coupled to the axis of the pump, driven by two belts, thus minimizing possible failures during work. Result is guaranteed!

Safety at work

Kuhn, in addition to producing high-performance field sprayers, also values safety, which is the reason for complying with all legal requirements in the equipment's production, from industrial procedures to product delivery. Some of the procedures include flashy warning stickers and restrictions on moving parts, in addition to providing all the information in the product safety, operation and maintenance manuals, so that the operator achieves good results from the purchase of the equipment. However, full success depends on factors such as awareness in the field, use of operational techniques and protective measures for handling chemicals.
Another great advantage of the Ranger is the anti-drip system in the nozzle holders, designed to avoid product loss and soil contamination.
In addition to safety, it offers the convenience of not having to climb on the equipment to add pesticides, as the standard lateral incorporator facilitates the supply of products from the ground level.
Safety at work

Spraying circuit and its accessories

Circuit and spraying control

Circuit and spraying control

Comfort of use and simplicity are terms used to define some of the main components such as the chassis, boom and spraying circuit, ensuring optimum performance in the field. A machine manufactured with the daily life of the producer in mind.
The highly durable and chemical resistant components ensure differentiated performance.
There are several control options:
Electric or electronic for spraying - with calibrated return system avoiding overpressure if one or more sections are shut-off in order to maintain constant pressure and flow.
Manual or hydraulic-electric control of the boom - for greater comfort of use.
This machine also features a hydroinjector-type refilling system: simply connect the hose and feed the circuit with a small volume of water in the main tank, activate the PTO and in a few minutes the tank is refilled.


The Ranger is fitted with a full circuit. A main filter, with liquid lock for cleaning; power strip; container rinsing and side incorporator, easy to access; refilling; standard fan nozzle kit; double nozzle holder, both with anti-drip system; and quick coupling nut, for greater operational flexibility. Components can be added for improved equipment performance such as an electronic control box and GPS, for precision agriculture. This equipment allows reducing the use of pesticides and ensures maximum application efficiency, as it is fitted with an automatic shutdown in case of overlap.




Technical characteristics

Tank solution (L)
Solution pump
Drive cardan
Boom width (m)
Drive boom
Boom height adjustment (m)
Spraying control
Number of sections
Line filter
Nozzle holder
Nozzle spacing (cm)
Main filter
Length (m)
Height (m)
Width (m)
Wheel track (m)
Ground clearance (m)
Weight (Kg)
2000 - fiber 3000 - fiber 3000 - fiber
Piston 125 l/min Piston 125 l/min Piston 125 e 160 l/min
Homocinetic Homocinetic Homocinetic
21 21 24
Electric hydraulic Electric hydraulic Electric hydraulic
Up until 1,50 Up until 1,50 Up until 2,0
Electric DPM and GPS Electric DPM and GPS Electric DPM and GPS
4 4 7
4 4 1
43 43 49
50 50 50
Hydraulic by return and venturi Hydraulic by return and venturi Hydraulic by return and venturi
2 '' mesh 50 2 '' mesh 50 2 '' mesh 50
5,30 5,30 6,00
12,4 x 36 12,4 x 36 12,4 x 36
3,20 3,50 4,05
2,50 2,50 2,75
1,80 to 2,20 1,80 to 2,20 1,80 to 2,20
0,60 0,60 0,60