Trailed sprayer LEXIS

LEXIS agricultural machine silhouette

Simplicity in your hands with the LEXIS!

The LEXIS trailed sprayer represents the entry-level range of KUHN trailed sprayers, perfectly adapted to multi-crop and grain type farms. With a 2,400-L, 3,000-L or 3,800-L tank and an 18 to 28m boom, the LEXIS will meet all your requirements.

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Spraying at the right time with a high-performance machine is essential to ensuring maximum product efficiency. To intervene quickly with a simple, reliable machine is a guarantee of safety and efficiency. With its optimised set-up, the LEXIS sprayer will fully meet these requirements.

Never compromise on ease of use: the LEXIS easy-to-use trailed sprayer is designed for maximum productivity. Save time with the LEXIS sprayer. With its trouble-free set-up, electronic units and easy maintenance, all your operations are made simple!
With a very limited number of valves, the LEXIS sprayer requires up to 50% fewer operations than the competitors in the segment.

Learning how to use it is thus easier with each use!
Quality is our watchword: the accuracy of LEXIS sprayers allows you to protect your crops durably and sustainably. The LEXIS sprayer features all the equipment you need with a simple yet top-of-the-range design."
LEXIS at work in the fields

Your benefits

A compact, well-designed sprayer

Rinsing tank positioned at the centre of the machine

A stable and manoeuvrable sprayer

With a hitch-to-axle length of 4 m (2,400-L/3,000-L) or 4.30 m (3,800-L) and height of 3.10 m (with 21 m boom), the LEXIS sprayer is a very compact machine.
The machine's short length allows for very short manoeuvring at the headlands of the field, better quality tracking will limit crop damage. The short hitch-to-axle length of the machine allows for flexible manoeuvring. This system makes it easier to enter the fields and reverse in the field corners.

The tank's shape is specifically designed to integrate the boom into the design and also to limit the height when the boom is folded. The low height of the LEXIS trailed sprayer makes it more stable for transport. Drive on the road and enter the fields in safe conditions.

This compactness allows for fast and easy movement on the road.

Well-positioned tanks

Efficient tank design: the main tank on the LEXIS sprayer was designed to achieve a low centre of gravity. The largest part of the tank is adjacent to the frame, providing maximum machine stability.
The deep sump allows for tank draining in all conditions, regardless of the slope in the field. Located near the sump, the four-dimensional mixing system guarantees a homogeneous spray mixture, without the formation of foam, throughout the spraying operation.

Maintain balance: the central position of the 320/400-litre rinsing tank on the axle allows the LEXIS sprayer to maintain good balance in any conditions while also reducing any dead volumes. The centre of gravity of the machine remains along the axis, regardless of the tank level.
The LEXIS sprayer is also exceptionally easy to use. Filling of the rinsing tank? Rinsing tank gauge? All the components are on the operating panel.
Rinsing tank positioned at the centre of the machine

Keep all the elements within arm's reach

The LEXIS sprayer has numerous storage compartments, both for the storage of personal protective equipment (PPE) and for the control box when the machine is unhitched.

To work around the sprayer in safe conditions, KUHN has fitted the LEXIS sprayer with two storage compartments for your personal protective equipment. Your equipment is easy to access before handling the crop protection products.

For transporting larger components, the machine is equipped as standard with a storage platform on the right-hand side.
PPE compartment on the left side of the machine

Stable and durable booms

EQUILIBRA suspension frame for MES2, MEA2 and RHPA booms

EQUILIBRA suspension: keep the boom parallel to the chassis!

The EQUILIBRA suspension system allows the boom to remain perfectly parallel to the ground when driving over rough terrain. EQUILIBRA suspension gives your boom natural stability thanks to its pendulum links (for rotation and sideways shifts) and shock absorption system. The boom runs smoothly over the ground and the crops and no longer shifts and drifts!
The EQUILIBRA suspension is designed for work in intensive conditions and includes as standard an independent left/right anti-whiplash system to protect the boom, especially when turning, accelerating and braking.Finally, a hydraulic tilt correction system and springs keep the boom parallel to the chassis when operating on bends.
EQUILIBRA suspension in a nutshell:
  • Pendulum suspension for rotational movements
  • Link rods for radial movements
  • Shock absorbers to dampen any bounce
  • Independent left/right anti-whiplash system
  • Hydraulic tilt correction and springs
  • Frame locking system for transport

MES2 steel boom

The MES2 steel boom is fitted with EQUILIBRA suspension. Steel offers a durable, corrosion-resistant solution thanks to KUHN’S proven painting process. The MES2 boom is available in widths of 18, 20, 21 and 24 metres. With its robust design, it has a number of strong points:
  • Jet protection across the entire width of the boom
  • 3-dimensional safety
  • Compact folding
MES2 boom

MEA2 aluminium boom

Available in widths of 18, 20, 21 and 24 metres, the MEA2 boom features a simple structure. Aluminium booms are a durable, lightweight solution naturally resistant to corrosion. Fitted with EQUILIBRA suspension, the MEA2 boom has a number of strong points:
  • A cross-brace locking system at the joint,
  • Stainless steel piping built into the structure
  • ./li>
  • Bowl filters on each section
  • 3-dimensional safety
  • Compact folding
MEA2 boom

RHPA aluminium boom

Available in widths of 27 and 28 metres, the RHPA boom features a simple structure. Aluminium booms are a durable, lightweight solution naturally resistant to corrosion. Equipped with EQUILIBRA suspension, the RHPA boom has many strong points:
  • Stainless steel piping built into the structure
  • Bowl filters on each section
  • 3-dimensional safety
  • Compact folding
RHPA boom

Simple and complete operation

Operation of the LEXIS sprayer

A simple and well-designed spraying circuit

Sprayer set-up is a key step in the spraying operation. With two main valves, the total number of filling operations required before rinsing is considerably reduced, and so is the risk of error. With a simple circuit, all sprayer actions are under control.
Even after not having used the machine for quite some time, getting back into the hang of it is easy.

Although easy to use, its shorter circuit allows for reduced dead volumes, which simplifies the rinsing process. When you're finished spraying, you can be assured that the sprayer is entirely rinsed!

MANUSET operation

Manual MANUSET operation offers you complete control when preparing your products. With only 2 main valves, all of the sprayer's functions are controlled from the operator's control station.
With the multifunction handwheels, reduce handling operations up to 50%. Thanks to an ergonomic design, the valves are easily operated for a simple, trouble-free set-up. Multifunction handwheels make spraying easier.
During rinsing, a complete turn with the delivery circuit handwheel ensures that the water drawn in by the pump is conveyed into all sprayer circuits. The rinsing tank level gauge, visible from work station allows for even easier sequencing of the rinsing operations.
MANUSET manual operation, simple and economical

DILUSET+ operation

Rinsing of the sprayer, or the boom only, from the cab.
Suction filling is programmable and stops automatically when the setpoint is reached. A dual control also allows you to maintain control of all the functions from the operator's control station.
During rinsing, and without exiting the tractor cab, simply click the terminal to draw in water. Then send it where you want it to go: to the rotary washers to rinse the tank, or directly to the boom to rinse boom pipes, without diluting the spray mixture in the tank.
Finally, the actual volume remaining in the tank can be displayed on the in-cab terminal throughout the entire spraying operation. The management of tank residues is also just as easy.
Available with REB3 / VISIOREB / ISOBUS terminals
DILUSET+ operation, programmable filling, rinsing and in-cab display of tank volume

Quick and safe incorporation of chemicals

The sprayer's 35-litre chemical induction bowl is characterised by its funnel shape, enabling efficient incorporation of all types of products: liquids, powders and granules. The rinsing system consists of 2 rotary nozzles designed to clean jugs, measuring cups, containers and the chemical induction bowl.
The induction bowl has only one valve through which the active ingredient can be introduced into the circuit. This valve is safely actuated by a foot pedal thus avoiding the need for the operator to bend down. All other operations are carried out using the hand-held lance located nearby, thus avoiding all risk of projection. The induction bowl is rinsed with the cover closed, thereby preventing any risk of splashing or misting.
35-litre chemical induction bowl on the parallelogram, built into the tank's design

No more blockages with quadruple filtration

The LEXIS trailed sprayer is equipped with four levels of filtration:
  • At filling
  • At suction
  • At discharge
  • At boom sections
With its transparent bowl, it’s easy to check the status of the suction filter and the valve lets you empty it for a safe removal.
Transparent intake filter


Numerous optional equipment is available that can provide operational comfort which can be adapted to meet all requirements.

LEXIS 3800, working a wheat field


General characteristics

Boom width (m)
Boom suspension
Number of arms
Boom material
Tank capacity (L)
Tank material
Real tank capacity (L)
Rinsing tank capacity (L)
Type of pump
Pump output (L/min)
Maximum pressure (bar)
Adjustable track (m)
Parking stand
Axle-ring length (m)
Overall width (m)
Transport height (m)
18 / 20 / 21 / 24 18 / 20 / 21 / 24 27 / 28
2 2 2
Steel Aluminium Aluminium
2,400 / 3,000 / 3,800 2,400 / 3,000 /3,800 2,400 / 3,000 / 3,800
Polyehtylene Polyethylene Polyethylene
2,790 / 3,180 / 4,000 2,790 / 3,180 / 4,000 2,790 / 3,180 / 4,000
320 (2400/3000)
400 (3800)
320 (2400 / 3000)
400 (3800)
320 (2400 / 3000)
400 (3800)
Piston-diaphragm PM170 / 280 or centrifugal Piston-diaphragm PM170 / 280 or centrifugal PC700 Piston-diaphragm PM170 / 280 or centrifugal PC700
170 - 280 or 700 170 - 280 or 700 170 - 280 or 700
7 bars with PM - 5 bars with PC 7 bars with PM - 5 bars with PC 7 bars with PM - 5 bars with PC
Quadruple : filling / suction / pressure / spraying Quadruple : filling / suction / pressure / spraying Quadruple : filling / suction / pressure / spraying
From 1.50 to 2.25 (1.80 in standard) From 1.50 to 2.25 (1.80 in standard) From 1.50 to 2.25 (1.80 in standard)
Manual - Retractable - 2 speeds Manual - Retractable - 2 speeds Manual - Retractable - 2 speeds
4 (2400 / 3000)
4.30 (3800)
4 (2400 / 3000)
4.30 (3800)
4 (2400 / 3000)
4.30 (3800)
2.55 2.55 2.55
3.10 (21 m) 3.40 (24 m) 3.70 (28 m)