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New PZ 3015 Drum Mower - Designed for Optimum Performance in all Conditions

The new PZ 3015 rear mounted drum mower combines optimal ground following and mowing performance, even in the most challenging of conditions.

KUHN is gradually renewing its 4-drum mower models. New and improved features are being integrated whilst retaining some important aspects from the previous model. The latest model in the range, is the PZ 3015 rear mounted mower, developed for optimal ground following and mowing performance, even in the most challenging of conditions. This is particularly due to a sophisticated headstock design - along with the typical PZ knife plate layout.

Advanced design for the most demanding conditions

The unique headstock design has a trailed linkage geometry. This enables optimal ground following, even on slopes with an inclination up to 25°. And thanks to the same headstock design, it provides easy folding & unfolding whilst ensuring safe road transport. Moreover, all KUHN drum mowers feature the typical PZ ‘big & small’ knife plate layout known for its high mowing performance in challenging crop and soil conditions.


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PZ 3015 on the road

Optimum forage quality

Minimal crop contamination and maximal stubble preservation is guaranteed by the LIFT-CONTROL hydro-pneumatic suspension system. The system continually ensures a uniform ground pressure, which provides excellent ground following and a lower draught power requirement. The combination of the trailed linkage geometry and LIFT-CONTROL creates a non-stop safety breakaway system for machine protection.

PZ 3015 at work in the field

Increased user comfort

For the new PZ 3015, various solutions are implemented to increase machine ergonomics and efficiency. The knife changing system enables quick and safe knife exchanges with minimal force. The system is insensitive to the ingress of grit and dirt which reduces the general wear. The mower comes with an optional parking stand for vertical storage to 3.6m, this is useful to optimise storage space. A heavy-duty driveline with spiral-toothed gears is introduced to maintain a comfortable operating noise level for the operator.

Main specifications:

  • Working width: 3.04 meters.
  • LIFT-CONTROL ground pressure compensation and non-stop safety breakaway.
  • Transport width x height: 2.50 x 3.60 meters with 0.5 meter ground clearance.
  • Transport position: vertical hydraulic folding to 128°.
  • Optional parking stand for storage in folded position.
PZ 3015 drum mowers

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