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GF 13003 T: simplicity in 13 m!

The new tedder GF 13003 T is equipped with 12 OPTITEDD rotors for a working width of 13.40 m. Simple and efficient, this machine is designed to satisfy demanding users. With a working width of 13.40 m, it has an impressive work output.

It offers exceptional work quality. Due to the robust OPTITEDD rotors, it can work without any problem under very intensive conditions, or in heavy forage. The risk of breakdown and the downtime for daily maintenance are reduced. An area twice as large can be tedded compared with a standard model.

GF 13003 T at work with a New Holland tractor

An easy-to-use tedder

The ease of use of the machine was an objective during its development: no electric control box is used and only a hydraulic distributor is necessary to control the various functions!

Adjustments of the pickup height and angle are quick to implement and require no tools. The user can therefore easily adjust and adapt the machine to the conditions of use.

At the headland, the HLC (Headland Lift Control) function allows all rotors to be lifted with a simple action on the tractor's hydraulic valve. This feature provides large clearance for easy maneuvering and avoids tedding the forage twice.

The GF 13003 T is the perfect machine for tedding large areas quickly and easily.

GF 13003 T at work in New Zealand with ground following

High-quality ground tracking

Model GF 13003 T offers outstanding ground tracking, worthy of KUHN's experience in forage harvesting. Placed as close as possible to the rotors, the chassis wheels follow the ground more closely thanks to the Ground Save Control (GSC) function.

All the rotors are suspended separately to follow the ground unevenness more precisely. The rotor wheels are also located as close as possible to the tines to guide them more accurately.

GF 13003 T at work from aerial view

Recognized characteristics of the KUHN brand

This model features all the characteristics required to reduce maintenance costs (DIGIDRIVE drive system, maintenance-free rotors) and to produce highly nutritious and impurity-free forage (rotors suspended separately, asymmetrical tines for contact parallel to the ground, wheels close to the tines, rotors

GF 13003 T at work in New Zealand

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