Four-Rotor Rakes

KUHN's rake design is well adapted to harvesting and preserving the quality and nutritional value of the forage. KUHN offers solutions for collecting forage, whilst introducing minimal impurities. KUHN's 4 rotor rakes offer a high work output, great performance and flexibility. KUHN's four-rotor rakes are available with working widths from 8.40 m to 14.70 m. The GA15131 set the world raking record with 188.9 hectares raked in 8 hours.
Some models are not available in all countries. Please always check with your local dealer.

GA 10031

GA 13031 quad-rotor rake delivers central swaths. It works between 8.40 m and 12.50 m and features a 100% hydraulic drive system which saves one hour of maintenance per day.

GA 10231

The four-rotor rakes GA 13231 and GA 15231 work from 8.40 m to 12.50 m and from 9.50 to 14.70 m respectively. Their 100% hydraulic drive saves you one hour of maintenance per day.

The FC 13460 RA mower conditioner offers a significantly higher work output than conventional mowing combinations

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