History 2010-2019

  • KUHN-METASA, the Brazilian unit of the Group becomes KUHN DO BRASIL.
  • KUHN purchases a farm of 100 ha (247.10 acre) located close to Saverne in order to carry out intensive equipment testing during development.
  • A new powder paint facility is constructed on the site of KUHN-HUARD, Châteaubriant (Loire-Atlantique - France).
  • New sand plants start up in KUHN-SA (Saverne, France) and KUHN-BRAZIL (Passo Fundo, Brazil) foundries.
  • The KUHN Group acquires a minority interest in the RAUCH Landmaschinenfabrik company, German manufacturer of pneumatic seed drills, fertiliser and salt/sand spreaders and reinforces their partnership started in 1967.
  • The KUHN Group acquires the KRAUSE Corporation, located in Kansas - USA, specialized in the manufacture of large-width tillage tools.
  • A new 5 000 m2 (53 819 sq ft) building is constructed to house the KUHN Group distribution centers in Australia.
  • KUHN PARTS, the KUHN Group’s spare parts logistics platform celebrates its 10th anniversary.


KUHN Brodhead, factory
  • Building permits are filed for the extension of KUHN PARTS (Monswiller), the construction of the training centre KUHN CENTER FOR PROGRESS (Monswiller) and the construction of the new center for the after-sales department KUHN PRODUCT SUPPORT (Monswiller).
  • A 6 200 m2 (66 736 sq ft) building expansion for storing and cutting steel parts is completed in KUHN-KRAUSE (Hutchinson, Kansas-USA).
  • Construction begins of a new 5 500 m² (59 201 sq.ft) building dedicated to mechanized welding on a new industrial site of 16 ha in KUHN-AUDUREAU (La Copechagnière, Vendée, France). 
  • KUHN celebrates the 10th anniversary of the acquisition of KNIGHT in the United States.
KUHN Geldrop, factory
  • Two new buildings (3,700 m2/39,826 sq ft) are constructed to host cutting and welding work in KUHN-HUARD (Châteaubriant, Loire-Atlantique, France).
  • A special award is presented to KUHN-SA for its customer relationship (survey of the Journal des entreprises and the Human Consulting Group).
  • The Geldrop facility (Netherlands) celebrates its 75th anniversary.
  • For the first time in its history, the KUHN Group net sales exceed one billion Euros (1,014 billion Euros).
  • A new 5 600 m² (60 277 sq.ft) storage and machining building is constructed in KUHN-BRAZIL (Passo Fundo, Brazil).
  • Phase 1 of expansion at the Geldrop factory is completed with the construction of a new 16 500 m² (177 604 sq. ft) assembly hall. A 3 700 m² (39 826 sq. ft) expansion of the main production building in Brodhead (Wisconsin - USA) is also completed.
  • Construction is completed on the KUHN CENTER FOR PROGRESS (5 700 m² /58 125 sq.ft), the KUHN PRODUCT SUPPORT (2 300 m² /24 757 sq.ft) buildings and an extension to KUHN PARTS (6 400 m² /68 889 sq.ft) in Monswiller (Bas-Rhin, France).
  • A subsidiary is created in Tianjin, China.
KUHN large square balers in action
  • The very high density baler LSB 1290 iD is awarded the « Novedad Tecnica » prize at the FIMA in Saragossa (Spain) and the « Novità Tecnica » at the EIMA in Bologna (Italy).
  • The KUHN Group acquires the company Montana Industria de Maquinas (Brazil), one of the main manufacturers of self-propelled sprayers.
  • More than 2 500 persons have already attended technical or sales trainings at the KUHN CENTER FOR PROGRESS since November 2013.
  • Expansion is completed of the machining and assembly facilities on the KUHN-Geldrop site (Netherlands).
  • A land and a building are acquired to allow future business development of the site in Brodhead (Wisconsin - USA). 
KUHN Audureau, factory, La Copechagnière, France
  • KUHN-AUDUREAU factory (La Copechagnière, Vendée - France) celebrates its 20 years within the KUHN Group and inaugurates its new industrial site dedicated to mechanized welding.
  • In Brazil, KUHN is awarded the Rio Grande do Sul state Export Prize as well as the Gold Award of « Premio Gerdau Melhores da Terra » for application rate precision of its mechanical precision seed drills.
  • An expansion of the assembly building intended for soil preparation tool ranges is completed at KUHN-HUARD (Châteaubriant, Loire Atlantique - France).
  • Launch of ONE AMBITION 2020, new step in the KUHN Group company project.
A min-till air seed drill ESPRO in action
  • The new min-till seed drill ESPRO is elected « Machine of the year » (category « seed drills ») by a jury composed of journalists from the specialized press of 11 European countries.
  • A new moulding line and green sand silo is set up for the foundry in Saverne (Bas-Rhin - France).
  • A new testing area with a circular track, an inside ring and banked bend is constructed for final sprayer control in KUHN-BLANCHARD (Chéméré, Loire-Atlantique, France).
  • The KUHN-BLANCHARD (Chéméré, Loire-Atlantique, France) factory implements a specific factory control system as part of the mandatory sprayer control.
A moutend fertiliser spreaders AXIS at work
  • A new paint facility and a new shipping hall are built on KUHN-Geldrop (Netherlands).
  • KUHN S.A. wins the award for circular economy for its waste sorting and recycling policy.
  • Start-up of the first robotized feeding system KUHN TKS in France.
  • The AXIS fertiliser spreader is awarded the AE50 award from the ASABE (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers).
  • A new paint facility is put into production at the KUHN-NORTH AMERICA (Brodhead, Wisconsin – USA).
  • Construction work is launched on the new Logistics Centre CLC for receipt, storage, preparation and distribution of components intended for assembly on the Saverne site (17 million Euro investment).
  • The SW 4014 wrapper and FC 3160 TLR trailed mower conditioner are awarded the AE50 award from the ASABE (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers).
  • KUHN and NOBILI celebrate 30 years of cooperation in the field of residue shredding.
  • The KUHN KRAUSE factory in Hutchinson (Kansas – USA), part of the KUHN Group since 2011, celebrates its 100th anniversary.
  • KUHN celebrates 50 years of innovations on GMD disc mowers, introduced to the market in 1967.
  • The SPV self-propelled mixer, produced at La Copechagnière site in Vendée (France), is elected « machine of the year » by a panel of specialist European journalists.
  • Construction begins on the new 10 000 m² (107 639 sq.ft) CLC logistics centre in Saverne.
  • « MyKUHN », the personalised customer portal, is progressively launched country-by-country.

The KUHN brand celebrates 190 years of excellence. 

  • The MERGE MAXX belt merger is awarded by the prestigious ASABE association (American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers) in the United States.
  • KUHN participates in the Centeol Challenge, which consists of implementing cultivation methods of the future, over a surface of 50 ha, by designing a range of tools associated with an autonomous and intelligent vehicle.
  • ARTEC PULVERISATION, specialised in the manufacture of self-propelled sprayers for large farming operations, joins the KUHN Group.
  • KUHN celebrates the 20th anniversary in Poland.
  • The new paint facility on the site of Passo Fundo in Brazil becomes operational.
  • KUHN sets the first raking world record in Denmark with the 4-rotor gyrorake GA 15131 (188.9 ha raked in 8 hours).
  • KUHN launches the first plough worldwide integrating Section Control (« Smart ploughing » system) and creates the first ploughed logo in France, on a surface of 18 ha.
The automation of the individual lifting of the bodies makes it possible to create clear headlands without raising the weed seeds
  • Building work started on the MGM site in Monswiller, aiming to double the assembly capacity for large width machines.
  • Launch of NEO, multi-annual KUHN Group transformation project, with the purpose to lay the foundations of a brand new information system.
  • KUHN celebrates 10 years of collaboration and the sales of over 50,000 terminals, with the other CCI (Competence Center ISOBUS) founding members.
CCI A3 silhouette