Self-Propelled Sprayers

The KUHN self-propelled sprayers are equipped with steel, aluminium or carbon bars, the product tank is made of polyethylene or stainless steel, the cabin guarantees exceptional operating comfort for work, it has an excellent spray bar self-levelling system. The sprayers make it possible to carry out precise work by controlling sections or nozzles. The KUHN sprayers offer comfort, efficiency and safety.
Some models are not available in all countries. Please always check with your local dealer.


With a 2000 liter tank, 25 or 27 meter booms, 92,6-kW engine, mechanical transmission and low weight the Mechanical Boxer 4 x 2 self-propelled sprayer was designed to provide power, speed and yield.


The Hydro Boxer 4 x 4 self-propelled sprayer has a 2000 liter tank, 25 or 27 meter booms, as well as a 92,6-kW engine and perfectly adjusted hydrostatic transmission. Also, due to its low weight, it is able to pass over obstacles easily.


With a bold design, the FIGHTER 3000 self-propelled sprayer comes equipped with high technology to achieve the best performance in pesticide application.


With spraying booms of up to 36 meters made of structural aluminum and stainless steel tanks with capacity for 4,000 liters, the STRONGER HD offers great operational performance.

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