Self-Propelled Sprayer BOXER M


A sprayer for any terrain

With a 2000 liter tank, 25 or 27 meter booms, 92,6-kW engine, mechanical transmission and low weight the Mechanical Boxer 4 x 2 self-propelled sprayer was designed to provide power, speed and yield.

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The Mechanical Boxer 4 x 2 self-propelled sprayer has a 2000-liter tank, a 92.6-kW MWM engine adapted to the new MAR-I pollutant emission limits, and a 5-speed mechanical transmission. In addition, it is equipped with: 25 or 27 meter spraying booms; active pneumatic suspension system to better absorb soil impacts, 1.40 meter ground clearance and 2.5 meter fixed track width adjustment ; 32% slope angle capacity with radial tires to ensure optimal performance on uneven terrain; incorporator and washer with capacity for 34 liters and on-board technology package with GPS, flow controller, section control, autopilot and terrain compensator.
Mechanical Boxer

Your benefits

A robust and compact machine

MWM 4.10 TCA iEGR engine

MWM engine

The Mechanical Boxer 4 x 2 comes equipped with an MWM 4.10 TCA engine and features an EGR exhaust gas recirculation system to reduce emissions of nitrous oxides. With 4 cylinders of 4.3 liters, it uses an aftercooler system and 92.6-kW output at 2200 rpm. The configuration of the self-propelled sprayer engine meets MAR-I pollutant emission standards and is approved to work with B10 Biodiesel (up to 10% in the mixture). Among the features of the 10 series are individual cylinder heads, wet cylinder liners, ribbed connecting rods and components such as water and oil pumps, in addition to the oil cooler built into the engine block.

Ultra-resistant frame and axles

Designed in a single structure, the frame of the Mechanical Boxer self-propelled sprayer is formed by tubular steel beams, joined by high-strength welding metals and several reinforcement points to improve safety and durability on uneven terrain. Its low weight also favors less soil compaction. The axles and legs are also reinforced to withstand the most diverse operating conditions, terrain, drive and steering systems, as well as making the connection between the tires and the frame. In addition, the Mechanical Boxer 4 x 2 has a 2.5 meter fixed track width adjustment axis.
Robust frame

Transmission and differential

The Mechanical Boxer has a 4 x 2 mechanical gearbox, with 5 forward speeds and one reverse. The transmission in the rear wheel hub is performed by an oil-bathed tensioned chain. The differential, in turn, offsets the distance travelled between the two wheels of the same axle during a curve, which is a very important characteristic because the inner wheel would otherwise slip on the curve. The differential lock, on the other hand, equalizes the torque for both axles, enabling the wheel in contact with the ground to also turn and move the vehicle. In addition, it is equipped with the “Limited Slip Differential - LSD” system, which allows output shafts to rotate at different speeds while limiting the maximum difference between them.
Transmission and differential

Boxer M brake systems

The Mechanical Boxer 4 x 2 self-propelled sprayer has disc service brakes on all four wheels. On them, a pair of pads, under hydraulic pressure action, tightens both sides of the disc connected to the wheel, making it stop as friction is applied. It’s a very efficient system. In addition, it has a stationary brake that is actuated by means of a button just behind the gearbox, right next to the operator. Its main purpose is to keep the vehicle stationary when it is already at a standstill, whether the engine is running or not, by braking the rear wheels. When engaged, the service brake is unnecessary.
Disc brakes

Spraying efficiency

Isoview Display

Isoview Display

The Boxer self-propelled sprayer comes equipped with the Isoview display: technology featuring an easy-to-use intuitive interface, which starts a job in just three clicks, bringing intelligence to production without increasing complexity. This onboard controller comes with integrated GPS and autopilot to guide the operator, making it possible to significantly reduce the amount of inputs, avoiding overlap during application. In addition, Isoview controls the spraying and the 7 sections, working with terrain compensation and electronic sensors to prevent deviations due to unevenness, holes or ditches. Another feature that stands out in this system is the Dedo-Duro software, which comes pre-installed in the equipment and allows for maps and work reports on your personal computer, tablet or smartphone!

Spraying boom and frame

The Mechanical Boxer 4 x 2 features 25 or 27 meter booms that ensure great operational capacity. In addition, its central frame has a spring-damping system which, by means of adjustment, ensures minimal oscillation. The preload on the springs must be adjusted: the higher the preload, the more rigid the mechanism will be. The Boxer also has several hydraulic accumulators to cushion the dynamic movements that the spraying booms and frame components undergo. These accumulators are used in the extending and retracting cylinders, in the frame height and geometry cylinders.
Spraying frame

Spraying control and pump

The Mechanical Boxer 4 x 2 uses a centrifugal pump with electronic flow control to ensure uniform pressure in the system. In order to optimize its service life, it can be made from cast iron or stainless steel and is driven by a hydraulic motor with 170 L/min at 2 bar capacity at the tip of the nozzle. Also, the mechanical seal on the pump is standard silicon carbide. Spraying in the Boxer M 4 x 2 self-propelled sprayer is controlled by an electronic controller that offers the best performance, maintaining pressure in the nozzles even with speed variations. Electric valves are responsible for actuating spraying in the 7 sections.
Valve control

Duo React System

Optional on the Mechanical Boxer 4 x 2 self-propelled sprayer, Duo React consists of a double-nozzle pneumatic valve body and a compact control system. This system allows for increasing yield, because the operator can vary the speed range, maintaining the same droplet aspect, automatically alternating nozzles based on pressure and droplet size. It also optimizes operating performance, as the operator doesn’t need to leave the cab to change nozzles when switching the application rate: a simple console performs automatic or manual switching between nozzle A, nozzle B or nozzles A+B.
Duo React System

Premium features built into all machines

Access ladder and chemical inductor

Access ladder and chemical inductor

The hydraulically actuated front ladder provides comfort and convenience to the operator: with a simple touch of the pedal, it raises or lowers. The chemical inductor in turn has 34 liter capacity: just place the container inside the mixer, press it against the rotating washer nozzle and operate the side lever to clean the container. Moreover, the tank of the Mechanical Boxer 4 x 2 self-propelled sprayer has an internal cleaning system to remove chemical residues that only works with the sprayer pump activated. Thus, only travel with the mixer locked into its rest position, otherwise it may damage the component and cause damage to the machine.

Pneumatic suspension of the Boxer M self-propelled sprayer

The Mechanical Boxer 4 x 2 self-propelled sprayer is equipped with an active pneumatic suspension system and leveling valves that identify soil unevenness and act to fill or empty the air in the pneumatic cushions. This circuit provides optimal operator comfort and minimal oscillation transfer to the booms. In addition, pneumatic suspension increases tire life, reduces fuel consumption and entails a lower maintenance cost, as there are no spring breaks or lubrication points. Furthermore, replacements are easier, load distribution between axle units is balanced and total dead weight is reduced.
Pneumatic suspension

Cab and wheel set

Designed to provide ergonomics and operator safety, the Mechanical Boxer 4 x 2 self-propelled sprayer’s cab has a large window area, offering a privileged view of the work space, including the main tank and spraying booms. It also has cooling and ventilation systems that ensure greater comfort. As for the wheel set, the Boxer comes equipped with 12.4 x 36 diagonal tires, with 12 plies (standard), or IF 320/85 R36 radial tires (optional), ensuring longer service life and flotation, as well as less soil compaction. Furthermore, the farmer has the possibility of purchasing the Boxer with a tubular or rounded row opener to reduce crop crushing during operation.
Radial and diagonal tire

View of the cab


Technical characteristics

Engine power (hp)
Fuel tank capacity (L)
Tank solution (L)
Boom width (m)
Number of sections
Boom height adjustment (m)
Nozzle spacing (cm)
Nozzle holder
Solution pump
Precision farming
Suspension system
Wheel track (m)
Ground clearance (m)
Height (m)
Length (m)
Width (m)
Weight (Kg)
BOXER 2000 M
95,6kW/ 128,2hp
Mechanic, 2WD - 5 speed ahead and 1 reverse
25; 27
From 0,50 to 2,10
Trijet - 3 way
Cast iron centrifugal pump - optional stainless steel
GPS, automatic spray control, section control and hydraulic auto steering
Active pneumatic springs
12.4 x 36 - optional 320/85 R36
Fixed 2,50