Self-Propelled Sprayer FIGHTER 3000

Self-Propelled Sprayer FIGHTER 3000

The best components to achieve the best performance

With a bold design, the FIGHTER 3000 self-propelled sprayer comes equipped with high technology to achieve the best performance in pesticide application.

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The Fighter 3000 is a self-propelled sprayer with a 3,000 litre stainless steel tank, equipped with a Cummins 195-hp electronic engine and 4 x 4 intelligent hydrostatic transmission that can overcome any type of obstacle. In addition, it has 27, 30 or 32 metre spraying booms, BlueBeam led headlights which provide safety and comfort in night operation and a multistage centrifugal spray pump with 5 rotors that ensure a constant flow at the time of application. In addition, the new quick-coupling system for stainless steel booms (Easyfit) of the Fighter 3000 self-propelled sprayer allows fast boom installation without bolting, offering modularization, in addition to using the proven KUHN Equilibra boom suspension system, which ensures even application.
FIGHTER side view

Your benefits

Design and output for maximum yield

Cummins Engine

Cummins Engine

More difficult terrain and long work days require a reliable engine with high output, which is why, with the 195-hp Cummins QBS 4.5 electronic engine, combining intelligent electronic transmission and low weight, the Fighter 3000 self-propelled sprayer can overcome any type of obstacle. Its perfect sizing allows for working on terrain with more than 34% slope, in addition to being equipped with triple power technology, which provides three power curves and ensures the required performance of a high-output engine, but with lower fuel consumption, meeting MAR-I emissions standards and approved to work with Biodiesel B20.

Stainless steel pesticide tank

The Fighter 3000 self-propelled sprayer comes equipped with a 2,500 litre stainless steel tank. With far superior durability when compared to other materials, stainless steel is extremely resistant to atmospheric corrosion and oxidation, ensuring that contact with chemicals does not damage it. Also, the stainless steel tank is much more sanitary due to its excellent characteristics and easy cleaning, a relevant factor when the farmer switches between products and mixtures. In addition, the Fighter 3000 comes equipped with a refilling pump with capacity of 700 L/min, meaning the tank can be filled in approximately 4 minutes.
Stainless steel pesticide tank.

Features that ensure quality spraying

GFX-750 Display and NAV-900

GFX-750 Display and NAV-900

The Fighter 3000 comes equipped with the 10.1-inch GFX-750 display, managing the autopilot and spraying control. Additionally, it comes with the Precision-IQ™ intuitive environment and allows for adding features according to your operational needs, making use of the equipment's flexibility. With multiple connection possibilities, it can transfer files between vehicles and office quickly and easily, as it works with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It also comes with the GNSS NAV-900 receiver, which gives the Fighter 3000 self-propelled sprayer greater signal stability by monitoring more constellations and a larger number of satellites, enabling more efficient performance in difficult environments as well as faster RTX convergence time.

Spraying boom with KUHN Equilibra

The Fighter 3000 is a self-propelled sprayer designed to meet the farmer’s needs with excellence, so it has: high-strength steel booms measuring 27, 30 or 32 meters; BlueBeam led headlights installed on the machine’s frame to increase safety during night applications; Kuhn Equilibra boom damping system, which provides better boom stability and ensures even application; precisely calibrated accumulators, which reduce the impact on booms; single-point pendular system, which prevents oscillation of the booms when facing irregular terrain; stainless steel spray piping; in addition to using the Easyfit quick coupling system for the booms, which allows for mounting the booms quickly without bolts, with modularity.
KUHN Equilibra boom suspension system

Fighter 3000 spraying circuit

The Fighter 3000 self-propelled sprayer uses a centrifugal pump with electronic flow control to ensure uniform pressure in the system. Built in stainless steel, it is driven by a hydraulic motor capable of providing 450 L/min at 5 bar. Spraying in the Fighter 3000 is controlled by an electronic controller that can deliver the best performance, maintaining pressure in the nozzles even with speed variations. Its electric valves actuate spraying in the 9 sections.
Spraying boom

A robust, reliable and comfortable sprayer

Electronic Transmission

Electronic Transmission

It is equipped with an intelligent 4 x 4 electronic hydrostatic transmission, fully electronically controlled, where the system manages the traction and skid of each wheel at all times. With this information, the diesel engine adjusts automatically, allowing for always operating at the best speed, gaining in fuel economy and machine performance, even in more difficult terrain. The self-propelled Fighter 3000 sprayer has no set gears, but rather factory pre-set spraying and transport speeds, which can be managed by the machine owner if customizing the maximum speeds at which the operator should spray and transport the equipment is desired. It is thus possible to improve the efficiency, performance and service life of the machine’s components.

Active pneumatic suspension

The Fighter 3000 is equipped with an active pneumatic suspension system and leveling valves that identify soil irregularities and act to fill or empty the air in the pneumatic cushions. Moreover, it significantly helps to improve the equipment’s performance in undulating terrain, favoring better tire grip on the ground and preventing the transfer of shocks to the frame. This circuit provides optimal comfort for the operator of the Fighter 3000 self-propelled sprayer and minimal oscillation transfer to the booms. In addition, pneumatic suspension increases tire life, reduces fuel consumption and entails a lower maintenance cost, as there are no spring breaks or lubrication points. Furthermore, replacements are easier, it balances the distribution of loads between axle units and reduces total dead weight.
Active pneumatic suspension

Hydraulically actuated ladder and chemical inductor

The hydraulically actuated front ladder of the Fighter 3000 self-propelled sprayer provides comfort and convenience to the operator: with a simple touch of the pedal, it raises or lowers. The chemical inductor in turn has a 30-liter capacity and a built-in lifting handle. It is made from polyethylene and uses a Venturi suction system integrated with the drain valve for reduced overall dimensions. In addition, its profile and surface shape are optimized to facilitate rinsing and to prevent chemical stagnation. It also has a rotating nozzle for cleaning chemical tanks and a special mixing nozzle, suitable for both granular and powder products.
Ladder and chemical inductor

Fighter 3000 Cab

Designed to provide ergonomics and operator safety, the Fighter 3000 self-propelled sprayer’s cab has a large window area, offering a privileged view of the work space, including the main tank and spraying booms. The operator’s seat also features a high level of comfort, as it has air cushioning and various adjustment possibilities, in addition to a comfortable instructor’s seat. To ensure maximum operator safety, the Fighter 3000 has excellent sound insulation, pressurization system, double-sealed door and activated carbon air filters. The location of equipment in the cab also contributes to optimum ergonomics: adjustable steering column, Bluetooth radio and heating and cooling system.

FIGHTER top view


Technical characteristics

Engine power (hp)
Fuel tank capacity (L)
Tank solution (L)
Clean water tank (L)
Boom width (m)
Number of sections
Boom height adjustment (m)
Nozzle spacing (cm)
Nozzle holder
Solution pump
Precision farming
Suspension system
Wheel track (m)
Ground clearance (m)
Height (m)
Length (m)
Width (m)
Weight (Kg)
Cummins QSB 4.5
4x4 hydrostatics with electronic traction control
3.000 - Stainless steel
30 and 32
0,40 to 2,30
Trijet - 3 way
Centrifugal - 556 l/min
GPS, eletronic spraying controller, section control and hydraulic autopilot
Active pneumatic springs
IF 340/85 R38
2,70 to 3,30