Self-Propelled Sprayer STRONGER HD


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With spraying booms of up to 36 meters made of structural aluminum and stainless steel tanks with capacity for 4,000 liters, the STRONGER HD offers great operational performance.

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The Stronger HD self-propelled sprayer line has a stainless steel tank of 4,000 liters, to solve a key issue in pesticide application: proper tank cleaning. In addition, it is equipped with 7.2-liter electronic MWM engines, with 275 hp, which ensure high performance and lower fuel consumption; it features spraying booms ranging from 30, 36 or 40 meters, made of structural aluminum, a material that increases operating performance and yield while also delivering high durability and reduced weight, reducing soil compaction. The Stronger HD sprayer also features the proven KUHN Equilibra boom suspension system.

Your benefits

Yield and high performance delivered

MWM Engine

MWM Engine

More difficult terrain and long work days require a reliable engine with high output. With this in mind, the Stronger HD line is equipped with 7.2-liter MWM electronic engine, 6.12 TCE series, 275 hp, with turbo intercooler to ensure high performance, lower fuel consumption and maintenance cost over the course of its service life. This sizing also allows working on terrain with more than 25% slope, in addition to meeting MAR-I emission control standards. Moreover, the Stronger HD sprayer has a diesel boost system: a power reserve that is triggered immediately in the event of overloads, so that the engine reacts quickly.

Stainless steel pesticide tank

The Stronger HD self-propelled sprayer line has a stainless steel tank of 4,000 liters. This material lasts much longer compared to others: stainless steel is extremely resistant to atmospheric corrosion and oxidation, ensuring that contact with chemicals does not damage it. Also, the stainless steel tank is much more sanitary due to its excellent characteristics and cleaning ease, a relevant factor when the farmer switches products and mixtures. In addition, the Stronger HD comes equipped with a refilling pump with capacity of 1,100 L/min, meaning the tank can be filled in approximately 4 minutes.
Stainless steel pesticide tank

Improved application technology

GFX-750 display

GFX-750 Display and NAV-900

The Stronger HD comes equipped with the 10.1-inch GFX-750 display, managing the autopilot and spraying control. Additionally, it features the Precision-IQ™ intuitive environment and allows adding features according to your operational needs, making use of the equipment's flexibility. With multiple connection possibilities, it can transfer files between vehicles and office quickly and easily, as it works with integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It also comes with the GNSS NAV-900 receiver, which gives the Fighter 3000 self-propelled sprayer greater signal stability by monitoring more constellations and a larger number of satellites, enabling more efficient performance in difficult environments as well as faster RTX convergence time.

Aluminum boom

The Stronger HD self-propelled sprayer has three boom options: one measuring 30 meters, made of steel; and two others measuring 36 or 40 meters, made of structural aluminum. Aluminum delivers high durability and reduced weight, very important for less soil compaction and lower fuel consumption, resulting in increased operational performance and crop yield. In addition, the Stronger HD features the END CAP system, which increases section opening and closing speed by up to 85%. This way, the automatic section control system becomes much more efficient, generating pesticide savings and application quality.
Spraying booms

KUHN Equilibra

The Stronger HD comes with the proven KUHN Equilibra suspension system: developed exclusively for the self-propelled line, it improves the boom stability even at high speeds, self-leveling them and ensuring even application. The system also includes precisely calibrated accumulators used in opening and closing the frame height and geometry cylinders, aiming to minimize the impact on the booms and frame. Moreover, the single-point pendular system of the Stronger HD keeps the booms from oscillating due to ground irregularities.
KUHN Equilibra

Your workday more comfortable!

Electronic Transmission

Electronic Transmission

The 4 x 4 hydrostatic transmission of the Stronger HD is formed by a pump and four electronically controlled wheel motors in conjunction with the diesel engine. At all times, the electronic system of the self-propelled sprayer manages the traction and skid of each wheel, identifying what each one needs at that moment, acting directly on the pump and hydraulic motors. At the same time the diesel engine automatically regulates rotation simultaneously, positioning itself at the best point of the torque x consumption curve. The Stronger HD has no set of gears, but rather factory pre-set spraying and transport speeds, which can be managed by the machine owner if wishing to customize the maximum speeds at which the operator should spray and transport the equipment. There are four speeds for each mode, spraying and transport, with a maximum spraying speed of 35 kph and a maximum transport speed of 50 kph, improving the efficiency, performance and service life of the Stronger HD components.

Active pneumatic suspension

The Stronger HD is equipped with an active pneumatic suspension system and leveling valves that identify soil unevenness and act to fill or empty the air in the pneumatic bags. This circuit provides optimal operator comfort and minimal oscillation transfer to the booms. In addition, pneumatic suspension increases tire life, reduces fuel consumption and entails a lower maintenance cost, as there are no spring breakage or lubrication points. Furthermore, replacements are easier, it balances the load distribution between axle units and reduces the total dead weight of the self-propelled sprayer.
Pneumatic suspension

Access ladder and chemical inductor

The hydraulically actuated front ladder of the self-propelled sprayer provides comfort and ease-of-use to the operator: by simply touching the pedal, it raises or lowers. The chemical inductor of the Stronger HD has a 30 liter capacity and a built-in lifting handle. It is made from polyethylene and uses a Venturi suction system integrated with the drain valve for reduced overall dimensions. In addition, its profile and surface are optimized to facilitate rinsing and to prevent chemical stagnation. It also has a rotating nozzle for cleaning chemical tanks and a special mixing nozzle, suitable for both granular and powder products.
Ladder and chemical inductor

STRONGER HD aerial view


Technical characteristics

Engine power (hp)
Fuel tank capacity (L)
Tank solution (L)
Clean water tank (L)
Boom width (m)
Number of sections
Boom height adjustment (m)
Nozzle spacing (cm)
Nozzle holder
Solution pump
Precision farming
Suspension system
Wheel track (m)
Ground clearance (m)
Height (m)
Length (m)
Width (m)
Weight (Kg)
Cummins QSB6.7 Cummins QSB6.7
275 275
400 400
Electronic hydrostatic - Full time 4WD anti slip system Electronic hydrostatic - Full time 4WD anti slip system
3200 (Stainless steel) 4.000 - Stainless steel
30 (Steel), 36 and 40 (Aluminum); 45 and 50 (Carbon fiber) 36 (Steel) and 50 (Carbon fiber)
9 (30;32;36;40m); 11(50m) 9 (36m) and 11(50m)
0,60 to 2,70 0,60 to 2,70
50 50
Trijet - 3 way Trijet - 3 way
Centrifugal pump - stainless steel Centrifugal pump - stainless steel
GPS, automatic spray control, section control and hydraulic auto steering GPS, automatic spray control, section control and hydraulic auto steering
Active pneumatic springs Active pneumatic springs
IF380/90R46 IF380/90R46
Hydraulic adjustable from 2,80 to 3,50 Hydraulic adjustable from 2,80 to 3,50
1,80 1,80
4,35 4,35
9,70 (36m) 9,70 (36m)
3,90 3,90
12.390 (36m) 12.390 (36m)