Our ethics and compliance policy

  • The Group’s ethic and compliance commitment
    For over 200 years, the BUCHER Group, to which the KUHN Group belongs, has been recognised worldwide for the development and production of high-quality machinery and vehicles. One of the key foundations for this success is our corporate culture, which promotes respectful behaviour towards customers, co-workers, business partners, competitors and authorities. The excellent reputation of BUCHER and its divisions is based on its integrity and professionalism in business as well as fair behaviour that respects the rules of ethics.   
  • The Code of Conduct
    Drafted and distributed to all our employees in 2009, the Code of Conduct sets clear rules for our day-to-day professional activity. 
    It is based on both integrity and trust and defines the rules of behaviour to be adopted with respect to all legal or private persons. It makes all our employees aware of the applicable laws and internal rules of the company as well as the legal risks encountered daily in the course of the work.
    To respect the Code of Conduct is to help strengthen our corporate culture and lay the foundations for our future success.
  • Preventing the risk of corruption
    Corruption is a crime punishable by fines or imprisonment in almost every country in the world. Article 5 of our Code of Conduct prohibits all forms of corruption. The Anti-Corruption Directive drafted in 2014 by BUCHER for all its divisions is the reference text for the prevention of corruption. It describes the expected behaviours and sets the rules to be followed by all employees. Its objective is to protect them by clearly specifying what is allowed or prohibited, allowing them to identify risky situations and illustrating the right behaviours to adopt. 
    It aims to preserve the culture of integrity of the BUCHER Group. 
    The implementation of the Code of Conduct and the Anti-Corruption Directive is accompanied by an awareness program.  
  • Respecting other regulations
    Our ethical and compliance policy is complemented by other internal rules such as the Internal Regulations, the Privacy Policy on the Protection of Personal Data and the Competition Law Directive. 
  • The warning system 

    In addition to the internal reporting channels specific to employees, a report can also be made using the whistleblowing system available on the company's website. 
    This whistleblowing system is part of the legal provisions relating to the fight against corruption and the protection of whistleblowers.

    It is intended for employees, commercial partners and external persons who wish to report company breaches or failures
    - which they became aware of in the course of their professional activities
    - which they have been personally aware outside the framework of their professional activities.

    These reports concern:
    - a crime or offence
    - a violation or an attempt to conceal a violation of an international commitment, a unilateral act of an international organization, the European Union law, and any applicable law or regulation,
    - a threat or serious harm to the public interest,
    - a conduct or a situation contrary to the Company's Code of Conduct or Anti-Corruption Directive.

To make a report, click here.