GA 1002 twin-rotor rakes

GA 6002 machine silhouette

Easy to manoeuvre and use on low to medium hp tractors

GA 6002 twin rotor rakes deliver swaths to the side. Grass is raked across a width of 3.50 m to 5.80 m into one or two swaths. You can use this machine with low or medium hp tractors no problem.

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In the large width category of rakes, GA 6002 models meet the needs of farmers perfectly: higher harvesting speeds whilst being adapted to low and medium hp tractors.
GA 1002 at work

Your benefits

Pratical and adapted to various work

GA 6002 at work

A versatile rake

Raking width is hydraulically adjustable from 3.00 to 5.80 m, therfore varying forage densities, bypassing obstacles and finishing off fields are no longer a problem. For very dense forage and for producing swaths at night, the GA 6002 can also deliver two swaths from each pass.

Automatic control of the swath curtain

When the rake is set to work mode, a system of connecting rods deploys the swath curtain automatically to a pre-determined position.
Its position is easy to adjust via a handle.
A swath curtain for the front rotor is an option.
Windrow curtain

Adapt the working height

Each rotor is equipped with a cylinder to ensure high ground clearance.
Pre-set to the ideal working height via a simple handle.
Rotor height adjustment

Great manoeuvrability

GA 6002 in transport mode

Total safety in transport

An automatic lock prevents the rear wheelset from pivoting. When the rake is unfolded in the field, the safety system locks automatically.
Lighting and signalling are fitted as standard.
Practical: it is not necessary to remove the tine arms when putting the machine in transport position.

The turning angle is more than 90°

The GA 6002 is capable of raking all the forage when turning and even during U-turns, without having to compensate rear-rotor position: a clear advantage in terms of comfort and ease-of-use.
90 degree turning angle

Top quality forage

A well formed swath thanks to double-curved tine arms

Optimum swath formation with double-curved tine arms

The homogeneous quality and the volume of swaths are necessairy for faster drying and easy pick-up by balers.
The tine arms on GA rakes are in a hyper-tangential position. This means that they reach a 90° angle very late. With the tines' sharp-angled cam, tine clearance is quick, later and requires little rotational effort to produce regular, fluffy and straight swaths. Raking is of high quality even at fast speeds because the forage is not pushed past the swath.
The advantages of double-curved arms:
  • They reduce the distance between tine passes. Forage loss is reduced, even at higher speeds.
  • The main weight is at the centre of the tine arm. This increases service life as it is not subject to pressure during rotation and the guide rollers are less subjected to stress.

Tines in treated steel

The tines rake the crop gently, even when it is heavy and dense. They are made of heat treated steel so their service life is optimised and resistance to fatigue is increased. the “floating” tine attachment, featuring three large-diameter coils, also reduces the risk of wear. Tine height is tightly controlled to preserve both the stubble and the crop.
Tines are made from heat treated steel


GA 6002 at work


Technical characteristics

Working width (m)
Average windrow width (m)
Transport width with arms disconnected/connected * (m)
Transport length (m)
Windrow type
Windrow delivery
Windrow curtain
Number of rotors / Rotor diameter (m)
Number of tine arms per rotor / Number of tines per tine arm
Tine arms
Number of wheels per front rotor
Number of wheels per rear rotor
Wheels on main chassis
PTO speed (min-1)
Theoretical tractor power requirement (kW/hp)
Required tractor hydraulic connections
Required tractor electrical connections
Road lights and signalling
Approx. weight (kg)
GA 6002
1 windrow : 3.00 - 5.80
2 windrows : 5.40
0.80 - 1.40
- / 2.95
1 side windrow or 2 side windrows
To the left
As standard on rear rotor
2 / 2.65
10 / 3
Fully enclosed single reduction
18 x 8.50 - 8
Drawbar - hitch for swinging drawbar
30 / 40
1 SA + 1 DA
1 x 7-pin socket
As standard