GMD 1030 triple disc mowers

GMD 1030 profile

Maximum output, optimal forage

Available in three cutting widths (from 8.30 m to 9.93 m), this range provides maximum work output without compromising on the quality of the harvested forage. Intended for contractors, machinery cooperatives and large farms.

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Areas to mow are increasingly becoming larger while optimal mowing periods are becoming more limited. What about the forage quality?

When considering that lowering the level of impurities from 4 to 2 % per year, results in gaining 89€/ha/year*, it is essential that farms harvest forage without impurities. You can count on the performance,quality of work and reliability of our range. GMD triple gang mowers help you to reach your goals in terms of output and quality - without compromise. GMD triple gang mowers are available in three versions, designed for tractors from 120 hp: GMD 8730 (8.30 to 8.80 m), GMD 9530 (9.13 to 9.53 m),GMD 10030 (9.53 to 9.93 m).

Attach a GMD 3125 F or a GMD 3525 F at the front of the tractor to benefit from the same techniques as the rear unit!
GMD 1030 at work

Your benefits

Maximum work output, optimal forage quality

Travel range of the NON-STOP safety system

The key to clean forage: LIFT-CONTROL hydro-pneumatic suspension

Lowering the level of impurities from 4 to 2 % per year, means gaining 89€/ha/year*. With the LIFT-CONTROL hydro-pneumatic suspension system, controlling the impurities is no longer a problem. It is far more than a suspension system, using an accumulator instead of the traditional spring.
The exclusive kinematics of the triple gang mowers in this range include a cylinder for the suspension of the mowing unit (1), a safety release cylinder (2), an accumulator with adjustable pressure (3) and a pivot point strategically positioned close to the machine's centre of gravity (4).
The adjustment adapted by the suspension system limits the introduction of impurities in the forage and reduces the ground pressure of the cutter bar, therefore a reduction of the fuel consumption and skid wear, and the sward is preserved.
*Researchers from the Chamber of Agriculture of Weser Ems (Germany) have carried out a study in a german forage producing region. They compared 2 silages, one with a level of impurities of 2 % and the other with 4 % in order to determine the financial impact on a dairy farm. After having measured the nutritional value of the silage of poorer quality, they calculated the value of concentrates that needed to be added in order to reach the same level of milk production.

OPTIDISC ELITE: the unrivalled cutter bar

The new OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar was developed with farmers. Variable spacing between the discs, large overlap zones and the reduced angle of the OPTIDISC cutter bar will provide you with the quality you need. GMD 1030 TRIPLES are equipped with this cutter bar and its latest upgrades that guarantee a clean cut at all times. The OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar includes exclusive features:
  • Spacing is reduced at the point where the discs diverge to increase knife overlap. This results in a clean cut, even in light or short grasses. (A)
  • Distance is increased at the point where the discs converge. This makes more space for the crop to pass through which is quickly carried away to the rear so that the mower can do its job undisrupted. (B)
  • The overlap zone is almost doubled resulting in better cutting quality in damp sticky ground (or with mole hills), in heavy and laying crops, and in plant cover harvested at the end of autumn
  • A smaller pitch angle: this prevents the undulating cut which is typical with close mowing. It also stimulates homogeneous and faster regrowth and makes it easier to adjust the machines that follow.
  • New disc bearings with exclusive shape and attachment which hold the knives firmly in place in the event of impact while granting 360° rotational freedom.
Earth can build up in front of a cutter bar on hilly plots or in wet and sticky conditions, but not with the OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar! It has specially designed skids to improve sliding and preserve the sward. Another advantage for forage quality, especially in difficult conditions.
Variable spacing on the OPTIDISC cutter bar

Ground following with the travel range of the rear units

The rear units of the GMD triple gang mowers follow nearly all ground contours, due to the following characteristics:
  • units with pendulum type articulation,
  • hydraulic side offset of 20 cm,
  • vertical offset of nearly 50 cm,
  • angular range of approximately 20° with an overlap of 50 cm.
Impressive figures that prove that KUHN has done everything possible to improve the quality of your forage!
Impeccable mowing quality with the GMD 9530

Time and money savings

Travel range of the NON-STOP safety system

Combined LIFT CONTROL and NON-STOP safety

Nobody can afford to damage his mower because of an obstacle or a wrong manoeuvre.
On hitting an obstacle, the concerned mowing unit pivots rearwards around an axis (4). At the same time, the oil is transferred to the LIFT-CONTROL suspension system cylinder. The resulting pressure increase facilitates the mowing unit to lift in order to clear the obstacle. The mowing unit automatically returns to its initial position without stopping .
  • The safety keeps its efficiency even if the obstacle is hit by the mowing unit lower discs as the pivot point of the arm is far enough away from the first discs (A).
  • The independent suspension of each mowing unit prevents the frontward acceleration of the opposite mowing unit when clearing the obstacle.
  • The hydraulic safety release can be adjusted according to the mowing conditions. The cylinder can be fitted in two positions (arrows): the second position increases the power required for the safety, for example during high working speeds or in particularly difficult conditions.

Maximum reliability and stability

The cutter bar has been designed to cope well with obstacles. Being equipped with the PROTECTADRIVE safety system, in the event of a violent impact between a disc and an obstacle, the shaft holding the disc can shear just above the bearing thanks to a carefully dimensioned shear groove. Therefore the gear wheels are protected. In less than 15 minutes, the machine can back up and running with a low repair cost.
KUHN advantage: Disc-bearing stations are attached by long bolts that pass through the entire cutter bar. This eliminates any risk of the mounts being torn out of the cutter bar in the event of an impact. Top-of-the-range components strengthen the centre piece of the cutter bar:
  • Special disc-bearing station with a double row of angular contact ball bearings.
  • Large-diameter gearwheels in high-precision forged steel with 3 cogs engaged.
  • Forged and heat-treated discs.
  • Disc skids made from treated steel with the option of adding a bolt on protective layer.
In order to lengthen the machine's service life, shock absorbers are integrated in between the cutter bar and chassis. The structure of the machine is less affected by impacts, especially when working at fast forward speeds.
PROTECTADRIVE breakaway system

Minimum maintenance

You will waste no time on maintenance.
The OPTIDISC cutter bar is an excellent example of added value created through the close collaboration between manufacturer and farmer. It is a solution that is totally adapted to operations and will save you time:
  • Lubricated for life. No need to service the cutter bar.
  • FAST-FIT quick-release knife system, 100 % secure. A powerful leaf spring provides constant pressure on the knife retainer for extra safety. It takes just a few moments to replace the knives.
Maintenance is kept down, and is occassionally necessary for the drive system and the pivot points.
FAST-FIT quick-release knife system

The FLEXPROTECT guard: save on repair costs

To avoid damage during mowing, around the edge of the fields or along trees, the outer FLEXPROTECT guard bends and then returns to its initial shape. This design avoids additional repair costs. Unfolding of the guards is controlled hydraulically.
The outer FLEXPROTECT guard

The required width, no more, no less

GMD 9530 triple mower in action

Adequate overlap to adapt to the plots

For a thorough clean cut on slopes and during tight turns, the mowing units can be offset sideways by 20 cm to increase the overlap between the front and rear units.
According to the combination model, overlaps vary from 30 cm to 70 cm.
The driver can modify the working width from the tractor cab. This feature is a real asset for tractors with larger wheels (GMD 9530 -10030).
The possibility of individual lift of the two rear units is a significant advantage when mowing triangular-shaped plots. Manoeuvres are easier and faster to perform. The mowing unit is put into transport position via a double acting valve.
On the GMD 8730, you can chose between three assembly positions (1, 2, 3) of the mowing units on the legs according to the working conditions (slopes, plot size, width of the front unit...). This way, it is possible to adapt the working width or a significant overlap between the front and rear units.

Large working width, compact storage

The GMD triple gang mowers in this range stand out for their compact dimensions when folded for storage.
The machines can be store vertically without any additional equipment.
This means they can be stored in most sheds.
GMD triple stored position


Individual mowing unit lift on the GMD 9530


Technical characteristics

Working width (m) in combination with a front mower
Transport width (m)
Transport height (m)
Overlap between front and rear units (cm)
Cutter bar
Number of discs with wear skids
Disc wear skid
Blade attachment
Cutting height range with standard skids (mm)
Gear train protection system
Ground following
Safety breakaway
Headland turning position
Average swath width (m)
Swath wheel position
PTO speed (min-1)
Free wheel
Theoretical tractor power requirement (kW/hp) for the triple combination
Required tractor hydraulic connections
Required tractor electrical connections
Road lights and signalling on rear
Approx. weight (kg)
GMD 8730-FF GMD 9530-FF GMD 10030-FF
8.30 - 8.50 - 8.80 depending on the overlap chosen 9.53 - 9.13 depending on the overlap chosen 9.93 - 9.53 depending on the overlap chosen
2.99 2.95 3.35
3.65 - 3.75 - 3.90 depending on the overlap chosen 3.92 3.92
54 - 44 - 29 (with front unit of 3.10 m) 30 - 50 (GMD 3125 F) / 50 - 70 (GMD 3525 F) 30 - 50 (GMD 3525 F)
2 x 7 2 x 8 2 x 8
2 - as standard per cutter bar 2 - as standard per cutter bar 2 - as standard per cutter bar
FAST-FIT quick release FAST-FIT quick release FAST-FIT quick release
35 to 65 35 - 65 35 - 65
PROTECTADRIVE safety system PROTECTADRIVE safety system PROTECTADRIVE safety system
Pendulum articulation Pendulum articulation Pendulum articulation
LIFT-CONTROL hydro-pneumatic suspension LIFT-CONTROL hydro-pneumatic suspension LIFT-CONTROL hydro-pneumatic suspension
Non-Stop safety Non-Stop safety Non-Stop safety
Built-in hydraulic control - simultaneous or separate left/right lift of cutter bars Simultaneous or separate left and right lift owing to the control box - as standard Simultaneous or separate left and right lift owing to the control box - as standard
2 x 2.40 2 x 2.80 2 x 2.80
Outer Outer Outer
3-point - Cat. 2 3-point - Cat. 3 3-point - Cat. 3
1000 1000 1000
As standard on side gearboxes As standard on side gearboxes As standard on side gearboxes
90 / 122 99 / 135 104 / 141
1 SA + 1 DA - Also plan requirement for the front machine 2 DA valves - Plan also requirement for front machine 2 DA valves - Plan also requirement for front machine
1 x 7-pin and 1 x 3-pin ISO plugs 1 x 7-pin and 1 x 3-pin ISO plugs 1 x 7-pin and 1 x 3-pin ISO plugs
As standard As standard As standard
1910 2300 2350