Applications for CCI terminals

CCI applications included as standard: CCI.CONTROL, CCI.TECU, CCI.CAM, CCI.HELP SYSTEM, CCI.CONVERT

Applications for CCI terminals: innovative solutions at the service of agriculture

Benefit from a range of applications and customise the view of your machines. These applications enable you to manage sections and rows, document work done and application rate adjustment within the field.

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The ISOBUS standard is now one of the main areas of development towards connected agriculture. As a founding member of the Competence Center ISOBUS (CCI), KUHN is able to offer you the solutions you need. Enjoy applications on all CCI devices which can enable you to achieve your precision farming goals. These include applications to manage sections and rows, document work and application rate adjustment within the field.
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Your benefits

A multitude of applications as standard

Apps included as standard in your terminal: CCI.CONTROL, CCI.TECU, CCI.CAM, CCI.HELP SYSTEM, CCI.CONVERT

Discover the applications included as standard in your terminal

Universal Terminal: allows the display and monitoring of an ISOBUS implement
  • CCI.CONTROL: for documenting work achieved
  • CCI.TECU: to provide tractor basic information
  • CCI.CAM: connection of a camera and automatic display in reverse mode (from the TECU)
  • CCI.HELP SYSTEM: help menus for terminal use
  • CCI.CONVERT: for work with a biomass sensor

To be more effective, choose the right options

CCI 1200 ISOBUS terminal carrying out Section Control


Automatic management with GPS of sections, rows, nozzles and variable width on field points and headlands. Up to 254 sections and 4 independent booms can be controlled.


Optimises driving by guiding the driver:

  • All information on the same screen: light bar guidance, worked and non-worked areas,

  • Line re-centring key,

  • Different guiding modes: A-B, Curves, Pivot, A + angle,

  • Can be used with another non-ISOBUS machine for guidance assistance,

Included: Tramline Control function for automatic GPS* tramline management.

*Check seed drill compatibility.
CCI 1200 ISOBUS terminal carrying out Section Control


Data import and export: application maps, contours, tasks, via USB stick or agrirouter / KUHN EasyTransfer
Application rate modulaion using maps in SHAPE and ISOXML format.
Includes: Rate Control (Left&right on a fertiliser spreader), Multi-Rate Control (up to 32 different application rates on the same boom)*, Multi Channel (up to 4 modulation maps simultaneously for 4 different products).
The terminals are agrirouter-compatible for remote data transfer.
CCI 1200 ISOBUS terminal with the CCI.TAK CONTROL activation

Certified compatibilities

We have certified the compatibilities with SHP and ISO-XML modulation maps of map providers.
Logos of compatible modulation maps


REMOTE VIEW to display remotely your CCI 1200 ISOBUS terminal's screen on your computer, smartphone or tablet

Discover the KUHN CCI Connect and KUHN CCI Connect PRO packs

Connect your CCI 800 or CCI 1200 ISOBUS terminal to the internet and benefit from new functionalities to limit downtime, assist and help your drivers or transfer data remotely in order to manage your tasks non-stop!
  • With the KUHN CCI Connect and KUHN CCI Connect Pro packs, access new functionalities.
  • Remote View: Display your terminal's screen on your computer, smartphone or tablet!
  • KUHN EasyTransfer: View your modulation maps on your terminal with one click!
  • CCI 800 and CCI 1200 ISOBUS terminals are agrirouter ready! 
Benefit from the latest developments with Online CCI Updates.

I already have my own in-cab ISOBUS terminal!

No worries: each KUHN ISOBUS machine is compatible with AEF-certified terminals of other suppliers. Otherwise, if you do not have an in-cab ISOBUS terminal, KUHN can supply an ISOBUS terminal with comprehensive solutions dedicated to precision farming.
Terminale ISOBUS CCI 800 con attivazione Parallel Tracking

An ever-expanding range of ISOBUS machines

Today, the ISOBUS technology is integrated in the following KUHN machines: precision seed drills, front hoppers, min-till and no-till seed drills, seed drills, fertiliser spreaders, mounted and trailed sprayers, four-rotor rakes, round balers, high-density balers and baler-wrapper combinations as well as bale wrappers

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