Roller range for all soil types

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A range of rollers for all soil types.

KUHN offers you a wide range of rollers adapted to your crumbling, consolidation and levelling needs. From light to heavy, KUHN rollers are distinguished by their robustness and quality of work.

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The KUHN stubble cultivation range stands out in the market for its performance, ease of use and quality of work. The rollers play vital role in the success of your stubble cultivations. That is why KUHN pays particular attention to its rollers through research and agronomic testing. Responding to multiple working conditions and performance objectives, KUHN rollers are between 320 and 700 millimetres in diameter with a weight per metre of between 75 and 225 kg.
KUHN offers you an ideal tillage experience and guarantee your productivity.
Do not hesitate to ask for the best advice from your dealer on how to benefit from equipment perfectly adapted to your farm.
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Your benefits

Six individual rollers (1/2)

View of the Tube roller


  • Weight: 75 kg/m
  • Diameter: 550 mm
This light roller adapts perfectly to trailed machines. Its versatility allows it to perform a crumbling and levelling action in light and medium soils.


  • Weight: 130 kg/m
  • Diameter: 600 mm
For all types of soil, it ensures optimum crumbling in clay and / or cloddy soil. Roughness is maintained on compact silt and its action on straw promotes its decomposition.
View of the T-Ring roller


  • Weight: 140 kg/m
  • Diameter: 600 mm
It combines the advantages of the T-Ring with very good adaptation in stony conditions. It offers a perfect crumbling of the surface in clay and / or cloddy soil.
View of the T-Liner roller

Six individual rollers (1/2)

View of the V-Liner roller


  • Weight: 145kg/m
  • Diameter: 600mm
A very good compromise for crumbling, levelling and shallow consolidation. Its versatility allows it to adapt to light, medium and / or heavy soil.


  • Weight: 165 kg/m
  • Diameter: 600 mm
Good capacity when creating a stale seedbed and preparing the seedbed in min til conditions. This roller is also particularly effective in wet conditions.
View of the Packliner roller

HD Liner

  • Weight: 180 kg/m
  • Diameter: 600 mm
  • Weight: 225 kg/m
  • Diameter: 700mm
This heavy roller performs well in wet and stony conditions. Its V-shaped profile limits runoff and improves water infiltration in the row. It also has high capacity consolidation.
View of the HD Liner roller

Three double rollers

View of the double tube-bar toothed roller

Double tube-bar toothed

  • Weight: 115 kg/m
  • Diameter: 400 mm & 320 mm
Soil preparation type, it performs well when pressing and crumbling heavy soils.

Double tube-bar smooth

  • Weight: 135 kg/m
  • Diameter: 450 mm & 420 mm
Stubble cultivation type roller, it performs well during shallow pressing and crumbling in heavy soils. Adapted to light soil, the levelling is very good and facilitates soil preparation. Its large diameter ensures great stability and excellent management of the working depth.


  • Weight: 175 kg/m
  • Diameter: 600 mm
Stubble cultivation type roller, adapted to all soil types. This roller is ideal for light and medium soils and performs well when pressing and has a very good soil flow. Its self-cleaning design reduces the risk of blocking in wet conditions. The soil-to-soil contact avoids the effects of soil smoothing and limits roller wear.
View of the Double-U roller

Rear view of a CULTIMER equipped with a KUHN roller