KUHN power harrows are renowned for their reliability and efficiency. A wide choice of equipment and rollers offers you the possibility to customise your power harrow according to your requirements. The KUHN range offers power harrows for horsepowers from 80 hp to 500 hp, with working widths from 1.20 m to 8.00 m.
Some models are not available in all countries. Please always check with your local dealer.

HR 104-1004 / HRB 102-103

This power harrow ranges offer a working width from 2.50 m to 6 m. Rigid or foldable, they can be used in solo or combined with a seed drill. Discover the key to get an optimal seedbed in all conditions.

HR 1020-1030-1040

3 to 4,5 m working width for HR 1020-1030-1040 rigid power harrows.

HR 1030 R - HR 1040 R - HR 6042 R

These foldable power harrows offer working widths from 5 to 8 m and are adapted to high-powered tractors. Maximum power varies between 350 and 500 hp depending on the model.

HR 1030 RCS - HR 1040 RCS

HR 4530 RCS and HR 6040 RCS power harrows provide working widths of 4.5 and 6 metres respectively. They are designed to work solo or in combination with a cereal or precision seeding bar.

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