4835 In-Line Ripper

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Retain Residue, Remove Compaction

The 4835 in-line ripper provides efficient compaction removal, while allowing crop residue to remain virtually undisturbed on the surface. Working widths ranging from 7.3 m to 8.4 m, and a variety of shank and point options are available to meet your agronomic needs.

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The KUHN 4835 in-line ripper is the ideal tool to fight soil compaction, one of the leading causes of yield reduction. With working depths of 20.32 cm to 40.64 cm, the 4835 provides aggressive soil fracturing, while retaining valuable crop residue on the field surface. This allows for greater root development and water infiltration into the soil, and effectively reduces runoff and soil erosion. KUHN 4835 in-line rippers are available in folding 8-, 9- or 11-shank models. 8- shank spacing choices include 0.91 m, 0.96 m and 1.02 m, while 9- and 11-shank folding models offer 0.76 m spacing. The unique horizontal fold configuration makes transport and storage more convenient. The 4835 can be equipped with spring reset shanks or rigid, shear-bolt protected shanks for soils where rock is not a concern. A variety of points are available depending on your agronomic needs.

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3-Point or Pull-Type Configurations

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3-Point Hitch

Designed for deep tillage with strength and durability in mind. This Category IV, 3-point hitch is integrated into a two-bar frame design with main members of heavy-duty, 6”x6” structural steel tubing.

Rear Lift Drawbar Pull-Hitch

The optional drawbar pull-hitch lets you match tractors, not equipped with 3-point hitches, to the 4835 in-line ripper. The drawbar pull-hitch includes (4) 280/70 R15 tires on the rear lift and (2) 280/70 R15 front mounted gauge wheel tires.
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Shank Mounts to Match Your Field Conditions



Rigid, shear-bolt mounts are an economical choice for soils where rocks or other obstacles are not a concern.  Shear-bolt protection guards against shank damage from unexpected obstacles.
  • Shear force: 10,000 pounds (approximate)
  • 16” maximum shank working depth
  • For non-rock conditions

Spring Reset

Recommended for field conditions where obstacles or rocks may be encountered. A 4”x4” welded tube provides strength.
  • 2,500 pound point load
  • 20” trip height
  • 16” maximum shank working depth
  • 36” underframe clearance


Exclusive pivoting design allows the shank to deflect up to 6 degrees on each side for a total of 12 degrees of movement.
  • Basic spring reset design
  • Makes deep ripping possible on contours or terraces
  • Deflects impacts improving performance in rocky soils
  • Smoother steering under full power with tracked tractors
  • Reduces stress on implement frame and 3-point tractor hitch
  • Not compatible with pull-type hitch
  • 20” trip height
  • 16” maximum shank working depth
  • 36” underframe clearance

Shank & Point Options

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MRD Shanks, Points and Wings (Minimum Residue Disturbance)

Choose from a variety of MRD shank points and wings to achieve optimum residue level and surface appearance.
  • 1-1/4” Profile
  • Austempered ductile, reversible wear bar
  • Welded chromium carbide side plates

2” Chromium Carbide Point

5” Shattering Wing
  • Residue remaining: 51% to 65%
  • Fracture: 36% to 52%
Low-Disturbance Shank Cap
  • Residue remaining: 51% to 65%
  • Fracture: 31% to 48%
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¾” Chromium Carbide Point

5” Shattering Wing
  • Residue remaining: 68% to 75%
  • Fracture: 36% to 52%
 Low-Disturbance Shank Cap
  • Residue remaining: 68% to 75%
  • Fracture: 31% to 48%
3/4" chromium carbide point with 5" shattering wing on left and with a low-disturbance shank cap on the right

2” Hard Surface Point

  • Best performance for rocky conditions
  • Residue remaining: 51% to 65%
  • Fracture: 31% to 48%
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Standard No-Till Shank, Points and Wings

The no-till point and 8” wing break up the compacted soil layer, while the narrow ¾” shank slips through the soil leaving up to 86% residue on the surface. With replaceable wear parts, this no-till design offers lower operation cost versus competitors.
  • ¾” profile
  • High-tensile steel shank
  • Austempered or chromium carbide points, wings and wear bar
  • Chromium carbide side plates
  • Residue remaining: Up to 86%
  • Fracture: 55% to 70%
  • Replaceable wear parts
  • Optional 2" chromium carbide point with low-disturbance shank cap