KUHN sub soilers and soil looseners optimise the soil and seedbed preparation and ensure better yields by cracking the soil, improving water infiltration to help the soil retain moisture. These versatile machines adapt to different cultivation techniques and offer optimum operating comfort to guarantee the best productivity.
Some models are not available in all countries. Please always check with your local dealer.


DC soil looseners are efficient and effective at loosening soil.

4835 In-Line Ripper

The 4835 in-line ripper provides efficient compaction removal, while allowing crop residue to remain virtually undisturbed on the surface. Working widths ranging from 7.3 m to 8.4 m, and a variety of shank and point options are available to meet your agronomic needs.


Scarification is an essential factor for achieving excellent yield in the field, and for this, we have developed the Skarific line of scarifiers.


Scarifying the soil is an essential function for the performance of your crop, its main function is to loosen the soil and keep the residues on the top. With this in mind, we created an innovative project where the chassis of the equipment has the system disc/tines-disc/tines.

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